5 miler sans bebe yesterday

I’ve had to do my runs solo for the past week for a few reasons.  One being that Z had surgery at the beginning on the week and needs some time to heal so I don’t want him bouncing around in the jogging stroller.  Another reason was that I think it was a bit too chilly to take him.  I try to avoid taking him with me when it’s too cold.  If I do bring him, he’s super-bundled, plus I’ll put on the stroller’s rain cover to protect him from the wind.

Anyway, I needed to run 5 miles yesterday and was feeling a little intimidated by that because the most I’ve run in recent years has been about 4 miles.  I still have trouble believing I once ran a marathon.  The 5 miler went great! After training with the baby in the jogging stroller for the past couple of months, running without it makes me feel kind of like a beast.  I feel stronger and run faster.  There is the added bonus that I get to listen to music which keeps me pumped (as a general rule, I do not listen to music when I bring Z along).

I mentioned yesterday that I was worried people would look at me funny if I was talking aloud while running.  Well, I’m willing to bet I got a few funny looks as I ran yesterday when I was singing one of my songs out loud.  I couldn’t help it! It was one of my faves.  At least no people passed me when I was singing, just cars :).

I feel a bit sore today, but I am proud of myself for finishing my run.  Today is a rest day so I’ll just be taking it easy with the fam!


  1. Gina says

    Great job! It’s always a nice feeling to run solo after pushing a jogger. Your totally right, I always feel like I could go so far and fast.

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