Aches and pains

I took the past 2 days off from running because I came down with some really bad knee pain.  Oddly enough, I don’t think the pain and swelling I had were directly related to running.  On Saturday evening, I was on my feet (on hardwood floors) for about 6 hours while I was baking treats for Easter.  That was after having run 8 miles in the morning.  I was on my feet a lot again Sunday morning then I snuck out for a 4 mile run when I was supposed to have a rest day.  My knee didn’t hurt while I was running, but throughout the rest of the day, it got really stiff and pretty swollen.  I decided I really needed to take it easy as to not make it worse so I forced myself to take 2 days off.

I headed back out for a run alone this morning and made it through 4 miles.  No knee pain! However, I have been having some annoying pain in my ankle for the past couple of weeks.  It doesn’t bother me much when I run, mostly just when I stop running.  I hope it’s nothing, but I’m keeping an eye on it.  I tried wearing this ankle support wrap thing that I recently got to see if it would help and it was too uncomfortable while I ran.  I had to stop to take it off after the first mile.

Blah.  I wish it wasn’t so easy to get injured with running.  I have always had issues with injuries as long as I have been running.  It’s frustrating and discouraging.  I hope what’s going on with my ankle turns out to be nothing.  I think I’m going to ease up a little with my training because I have been pushing it a bit lately and I’ll see if that helps.  I hope it does!

Happy running!


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