Faster, Daddy, Faster

I’m very excited to have my first guest blogger today! BJ in Catonsville shares his experience running with his daughter for the first time.

Check out this little cutie pie ready for a run!

I love running.  I love my kids.

So what could be better than running with my kids?

These thoughts have been passing through my mind for several months now, and as the winter finally seems to be gone from view I’ve looked into buying a running stroller.  My first step in making this purchase was to ask around and get advice on what stroller seems to work for other runners.

A number of people mentioned Bob strollers.  These state-of-the-art strollers (I didn’t know strollers could be state-of-the-art before this) are the top of the line, very rugged and relatively light.  They’re also $400-800, depending on the model.  Now I love my kids and want them to have the best, but that’s a little steep for me.

So, having procured advice which I promptly ignored, I headed to Babies R’ Us to check out their selection.  The store had several to look at which were more in my price range, and I ultimately pulled the trigger on the Baby Trend Expedition LX.  This model was $139, plus my wife had a 20% off coupon which brought the total down to just over $100.  I figure this stroller can fall apart and be replaced five times before I reach the price of a single Bob!

When I got home I was happy to find that putting the stroller together was a breeze.  I had it out of the box with the wheels on in less than ten minutes.  I inflated the tires, checked to make sure everything was good to go and, since I’m a guy and can’t look at a new toy for more than three seconds without having to use it, I got my daughter for her first run with Daddy.

I noticed a few things almost immediately when running.  First, strollers take away your natural arm swing.  This took me nearly the entire run to get used to, and even by the end I found myself holding the stroller with one hand to allow at least one arm to swing freely (don’t worry, I left my hand with the safety strap holding the stroller!).  The second thing I noticed is that hills are much harder with a stroller, regardless of direction.  This might sound silly to say, but it’s something I didn’t think about much before buying the stroller.  The final thing I noticed is that my daughter is really impatient when I slow down going up hills.  Her yelling, “Faster, Daddy, faster” was neither cute nor appreciated as I slogged up a few steep inclines.

Overall, I think I’m going to enjoy running with my kids so long as they stop expecting me to maintain the pace of Ryan Hall.  I really like the stroller I purchased and would highly recommend it to anyone, especially for the price.  I mean seriously Bob, what does the extra $300-400 for your stroller really buy a runner?  For that kind of money I’d nearly expect a motor to be attached.

Hopefully I get a chance to see you out on the trails running with your new stroller this spring as well.  If you’re wondering whether or not it’s me your passing, just look for the really slow guy and listen for the voice of a taskmaster shouting:

“Faster, Daddy, faster.”

Check out BJ’s blog here and follow him on Twitter @BJBernier!


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    I loved this. I never did get good at running with a stroller/kid in tow. The hills really did kill me. Have fun. It sounds like your daughter already is.

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