My iPhone took a tumble on the last mile of my run this evening.  When I’ve been running alone, it’s mostly been chilly so I can put the phone in my jacket pocket without it causing any issues.  It was a hot 82 degrees this evening so no jacket.  I wore it on a belt clip and it decided to come out flying out towards the end of my run.  The funny part is that I was more concerned that the brief diversion was going to mess up my awesome pace at the time.  I didn’t really stop to think, crap, I just messed up my phone! I have to say that thing is built pretty tough because it landed face down on the asphalt and on has one tiny scratch on the screen.  Phew.  I think it might be time to look into an iPod Shuffle or Nano for those solo runs.

Back to that whole awesome pace thing.  I was in the mood for a “fast” run.  I put fast in quotations because what’s fast for me is nothing compared to actual fast runners! My first mile was 9:58; good for just getting going.  Second mile was 10:05; I blame it being slower on the fact I had to stop a few times to cross the street.  And drumroll please……my last mile was 8:47.  That’s my fastest mile in recent history.  And that included the iPhone incident.  So yay for me! I’m quite happy with that, especially considering is was quite hot and humid when I ran.  Hopefully I can keep working on my pace and maybe eventually, I’ll be faster overall.

Really happy with my run tonight :).


  1. Hubby says

    Wow way to go babe that is a blistering pace.

    Note to runners and babe – while the iPod nano is no doubt cool with its slick touch screen interface. The iPod Shuffle is only $50 compared to a base iPod Nano at $150. Also, the Shuffle has hard buttons so you never have to take your eyes off the road or your surroundings to change songs/playlists (big safety plus). It comes down to a matter of preference but for the me the Shuffle is my favorite running accesory (http://www.apple.com/ipodshuffle/)

  2. says

    Thanks love :)

    My fancy new green shuffle is on it’s way (had to go with a gender neutral color because we know hubby will want to use my shuffle since it’s newer/cooler than his :))

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