They can’t all be good runs…

We had a playdate at the park this afternoon so I thought it would be perfect to go for a run at the park when Z was done playing with his friends.  About halfway through my run, Z got fussy because he was tired and he’s not too keen on falling asleep in the stroller.  I had to stop and get him to sleep which was a bit of a challenge.  After he was asleep in my arms, it took 3 tries to get him back in the stroller without screaming his head off.

Finally peacefully sleeping...Look at that cute little chunker!

Since he was finally out and I was still a mile and half away from the car, we continued on our run.  It was a tough run because the path is really hilly.  Where I usually run, there are a good bit of hills, but they are long gradual hills.  At the park, the hills are steep and semi-short, but they really slow me down, especially while pushing the stroller.

By the time we made it back to the car, Z woke up (15 minute nap- that’s a new record!), but he was in a better mood so that made me happy and relieved.  Next time, mommy will make sure the little man is well rested before our run.  I really can’t complain though; he’s always an awesome running partner and rarely even fusses when we run so he’s entitled to a bad day every now and then.  Although it certainly comes with it’s challenges, running with the baby is so much fun and really rewarding; I love having Z with me when I run.

On a more positive note, Yesterday we did 4 miles in the rain and he loved it.  I had the rain cover on the stroller and it was really only drizzling, but he was fascinated by the rain drops on the cover.  It was too cute.  It’s funny how a run in the rain can be so much better than a run on a beautiful sunny day sometimes!

After trying out running Monday through Thursday this week, I am so ready for a day of rest tomorrow; then I should be ready to hit 7 or 8 miles on Saturday.

Happy running!


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