Naptime treadmill run

Yesterday, we had a fabulous family run.  Hubby’s knee has been bothering him so he only ran the first mile and half with us then we swung by our house so he could hop on his bike.  He biked next to me and Z for the rest of our 4 mile run.  It was such [...]

Tips for running with the stroller

Running with a jogging stroller can be a challenge.  I’m sure you’ve seen people doing it and they make it looks natural and effortless.  When you first try it yourself, you might find that it’s anything but natural and definitely takes a lot of effort! These are tips specifically about the mechanics of running with [...]


Remember in school when you crammed for a test the night before? With running, you can’t cram.  You can’t hurry up and add mileage into your weekly runs shortly before a long race to get yourself ready.  It takes time to build up your strength and endurance.  You also can’t wait until the last mile [...]

3.5 mile run with some extras

I’ve been wanting to add some conditioning into my runs to help me get stronger.  My plan for my run today was to run 3-4 miles with Z and stop along the way for some hill repeats and running drills.  Finding the right hill for my repeats was harder than you would think.  I needed [...]

10 miles with Z

Yesterday I went on my longest run yet with Z.  I have avoided taking him on my long runs this Spring for three reasons – the weather hasn’t always been great, I didn’t know if he would want to sit in the stroller that long and I didn’t know if I could handle running with [...]

Race Recap: The Maryland Half Marathon

On Sunday, May 15th, I ran the Maryland Half Marathon with my husband.  It was his first half marathon and my second.  My first half marathon was 4.5 years ago so it was practically my first all over again. We were very fortunate not to have the stress of waking up super early, driving somewhere [...]

Competing with myself

I’ve said before that I’m really not a competitive person.  When I run races, I run them to finish them, not to beat anyone else.  I do have a fear of being the last one to finish, but that hasn’t come close to happening yet :). Last week, I went on my longest run so [...]

Long run legs

Long run legs are legs that have come to terms with their fate.  When I started off my 12 mile run this morning, my legs had not yet agreed upon the distance we were going to cover.  It wasn’t until about the 3.5 mile mark that they gave up and accepted that we were going [...]

Picky Feet

I’ve probably mentioned before that I had a really hard time finding the right running shoes when I trained for the Marine Corps Marathon a few years ago.  I mean a really hard time.  I think I probably tried 5 or 6 different shoes and still didn’t find the right fit before my race.  Yes, [...]