Picky Feet

I’ve probably mentioned before that I had a really hard time finding the right running shoes when I trained for the Marine Corps Marathon a few years ago.  I mean a really hard time.  I think I probably tried 5 or 6 different shoes and still didn’t find the right fit before my race.  Yes, I went to a specialty running store, but it was not a good experience.  I won’t shop at that store anymore because it seems like the people really don’t know what they’re doing.  They put me in the wrong shoe in the wrong size.  I know running shoes should be one half or whole size bigger than your foot size, but the shoe you end up in should not be so big that your foot flops in and out of it.  That’s what happened to me.  They convinced me that I needed that size and I think they really caused me a lot of issues.

I ran in them and had a slew of problems with my feet- my arches hurt, my achilles was tight, my ankles bothered me, my feet would go numb while running, and so on.  I even went to an Orthopedic foot doctor to make sure nothing serious was wrong.  I tried shopping around for other shoes and still couldn’t find the best fit.  I was a little leery of trying out another running store because I was worried I’d have the same experience.  A couple months after the marathon, I was still frustrated with my feet so I went to another running store.  That’s where my feet found their perfect match- Mizunos.  The Mizuno Wave Inspires fit perfectly and just felt like they were meant for my feet.

My first running shoe love- the Wave Inspire 3

Fast forward to now, I needed new running shoes because my old Inspires (I think I was up to the Inspire 5) had had it.  I bought the latest version (Inspire 7) of them assuming they’d fit just as well.  At first, I was happy with them until I started adding more miles each week.  It seemed like they weren’t giving me quite the support and cushioning that I need for how much I’m running.

Soooo back to the running store, we went.  We tried a different store (Road Runner Sports) this time because I had noticed their fancy foot analysis equipment during a previous shopping trip.  The saleswoman did a great comprehensive analysis of my feet, running form/stride, etc.  She declared that my feet needed “neutral plus” shoes from her findings and the fact that I’m running a lot of miles each week.  Interesting considering that the Inspires are “stability” shoes which she said I do not need since I don’t overpronate.  But then why were they my match before and why did they work for me for so long? She suggested that pregnancy could have changed my feet.  Hmm…who knows?

Anyway, after trying on a slew of neutral plus shoes, I once again found myself in Mizunos- this time the Wave Creation 12.  I could feel that they have more cushion which I’ll need as my mileage increases in the coming months.  When I took them out for a run, I was less than impressed.  They just didn’t feel right.  Ugh, not this problem again!

I did some research online and then I did something crazy.  I ordered the brand new Mizuno Wave Prophecy running shoes.  Yes, they’re pricey.  No, I shouldn’t have bought them without trying them on, but I knew I could return them if I didn’t like them.  And hey, happy early Mother’s Day to me! :)

They also happen to look really cool!

They were set to be delivered today.  I was disappointed they hadn’t arrived by the time I was heading out for my run, but I went anyway because I knew I couldn’t run later.  While I was running, I happened to see the UPS man making his way through the neighborhood.  I was only halfway through my run so I figured I could swing by home and see if my shoes were waiting for me.  Obsessed much? Yes, I think so.

Z looked at me like I was a crazy person changing my shoes midway through our run.  Okay, maybe he wasn’t looking at me like that; maybe I was just starting to feel crazy :).  Anyway, I put on the Prophecy shoes and OMG, heaven on my feet.  They fit like a glove and offer amazing support and cushioning.  We continued on our run and I even went an extra mile because I wanted to run in them longer.  The full length wave on the bottom of the shoe felt like I was running on air.  Each step had a little bounce to it.  Could it be that my picky feet have finally met their match? I sure hope so (and I bet my hubby does too :)).

I’m going to take them on my long run Saturday to see how they feel when I’m covering more miles.  Maybe my picky feet will finally be satisfied.

Happy running!


  1. kc286496 says

    Great story. I’ve been through similar experiences with my shoes. I’m also a Neutral Plus guy and spent well over a year in Mizuno Wave Riders, which just didn’t have enough to take the pounding of 30-50 miles per week like I was giving them. That’s when I went to Road Runner and found out I belonged in Neutral Plus. So then I moved to the Nike Vomeros. Loved them. But I was still getting blisters. Once it was time for my second pair of Vomeros, I got custom insoles (also at Road Runner). CHANGED MY LIFE. I’m now convinced that I can run in just about any pair of Neutral Plus shoes and be comfortable as long as I have my custom insoles. I highly recommend them to everyone I talk to. Good luck! Happy to hear you like the Prophecy. I just can’t bring myself to drop $200 on them! I think the Wave Enigmas may be in my immediate future though…


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