Sometimes when you REALLY do not feel like running…

you need to run anyway because you just might have a fantastic run.  This morning, I was so not in the mood to run.  I think it was for a two reasons – my last 2 runs didn’t go that well and it was hot already by the time we got out the door.  I forced myself to take those first few steps and start running and immediately I felt great.  As you’ve probably gathered by now from my previous posts, I like to set minimum mileage goals for myself and always hope I can do a little more than that.  Today, I planned for a 4 mile run and hoped to make it to 5.  I did make it to 5 miles in 52:03, average pace of 10:24.  Not my fastest 5 miles pushing Z, but it was hotter today than it was the day I did 5 miles in just under 51 minutes.  As usual, my littlest running buddy was awesome during our run.  He cheered me on for a little while with a chant of “mommy, mama, mommy, mama!” He’s the best!

One problem I’m running into (no pun intended :)) lately is getting out the door to run with Z before it gets too hot.  I’m a firm believer in not waking a sleeping baby (or toddler!) so I don’t want to wake Z up earlier than his usual wake up time (between 6:30 and 7:30am) so we can run.  I also need to make sure he eats breakfast before we run – I can deal with my runger, but I don’t want my bebe to be hungry! Today, by the time he ate and I got him slathered up with sunscreen, it was 8:45.  That’s not terrible, but as summer is creeping in, it’s already hot by that time.  I may have to do some of my runs earlier without him as it gets even hotter, but hopefully I can figure out some other solution so I can bring him because even though it may be easier alone, I miss him when he’s not with me for my runs :(.

With running, or any exercise routine for that matter, you can sometimes lose your motivation to keep at it every day or every other day.  That’s why it’s so important to set goals for yourself – whether that goal is the distance or pace you run or to achieve a weight loss goal, you have to keep a goal in mind.  For me, the best way to keep myself running is to have a race on the calendar.  I need to know that I’m training for something and that my runs are building up to an ultimate goal.  This Spring, my original goal was the MD Half Marathon and right now, it’s the ZOOMA Half Marathon in a week and a half.  Once that’s over, I have a 5K coming up at the end of June, then I’ll focus on getting ready for the Baltimore Marathon.  Knowing these races are ahead of me keeps me running and keeps me focused.  If you’re having trouble sticking to a running routine, consider signing up for a race – whether it’s a 5K, a half marathon or a marathon, it will keep you motivated, I promise! If you’re not sure how to find out about local races in your area, check out,,, or Runner’s World Race Finder.

In other exciting news, we took the plunge and ordered a treadmill last night.  Admittedly, I hate treadmill running with a passion; however, there are times when I cannot get outside for a run.  At least with the treadmill, I can sneak in a quick run during Z’s nap if I need to and I can do speedwork on it.  It will also be nice to have when winter rolls around.

Happy running!


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    Wow! Great for you even getting out the door. I’m lucky not to have the extra responsibilities to get ready and out the door, though you have your own cheering section. Nice. Enjoy your weekend!


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