By now you know that I am not a fast runner.  I want to be faster, but I honestly just don’t think I’m meant to be fast.  I’m content trotting along at my 10 minute per mile pace.  I have no intention of ever trying to win a race, I just want to finish!

During the 5K on Sunday, I surprised myself when I was able to run the last mile in 9:19.  Today as I headed out for my run, I was going to do my whole usual routine of “taking it easy while pushing the stroller and trying not to die from the heat and humidity,” but then it dawned on me – I can do better than that.

I can run faster, but I have to push myself.  Speed isn’t just going to find itself in my legs one day.  I have to work harder to get faster.

My plan was to run 3 miles and to run them “fast” while pushing Zain in the stroller.  I decided to finally try out my Brooks Green Silence running shoes that I got a couple months ago around the time I got my Mizuno Prophecy running shoes.  I had planned to use them for track workouts (that I have yet to do) and short runs such as the one I ran today.

They even look awesome!

They felt so different from the Prophecy that I was starting to have regrets as I began running.  They don’t offer the same support.  However, once I started running, I slowly fell in love.  They felt great and light on my feet.  I think I could have still had this great “fast” run in my Prophecy shoes, but the change was nice.  I plan to keep the Brooks in rotation for maybe one short run a week (or if I ever make it to the track) since I don’t think I should use them for longer than 3-4 miles.

So just how fast did I go? Well, my first mile was very routine – a 10:01 pace.  I suppose I was still warming up because I couldn’t seem to make my legs move any fast.  My second mile was 9:26 – a definite improvement.  My third mile was 9:05…9:05!! That’s even faster than my fastest stroller mile record I just set on Sunday.  That’s faster than I run when I’m alone! I was in disbelief when I saw the time on my watch and waited until I uploaded my Garmin data to my computer to get excited just in case I didn’t read that correctly.  I ended up doing 3 miles in 28:31.  Just a couple months ago, I was running 12 minute miles with the stroller so this is a huge improvement.

I’ve read other running moms’ blogs who can run 6 minute miles while pushing double joggers and I am in absolute awe.  I can’t run a 6 minute mile alone! I’m fairly certain I’ll never be that fast.  I’m still not fast after one quick run, but I will make myself faster.  I just have to keep pushing myself while pushing the stroller!

Happy running!

P.S. I have something even more exciting to celebrate today – my 3 year wedding anniversary with the love of my life.  Since I know you’re reading this, love – happy anniversary and thank you for always being my biggest supporter! I couldn’t do all of this without you!


  1. KaraFitz says

    Congrats! I am an 11+ min/mi without a stroller! I know I can get around the 10 minute mark if I just keep with it though :)

  2. Hubby says

    Happy 3 Year Anniversary Love! It has been amazing and you inspire/motivate me everyday (and not just with running).

    PS – I love reading your blog during a long day at work :)


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