A sweet weekend

This weekend we celebrated the high school graduation of my sweet twin cousins.  For such sweet people, they needed sweet treats! For their graduation party, I made some graduation cap cake pops.  If you remember my Easter post about cake pops, you know I like making fun new types of cake pops for different occasions.  The graduation party was the perfect chance to make some graduation cap cake pops in my cousins’ school colors!

The base of the cap is filled with a red velvet cake ball and coated in white chocolate…yummy! The button on top is a red mini M&M and the tassel is a red stripe from an Airhead Sour Belt.

While I was in the cake pop mode, I made some extra cake pops for hubby to take to work.  I’ve sent them in with him before and his coworkers go crazy for them.  Sneaky hubby sealed the box of cake pops shut so he wouldn’t be bombarded when he walked into work and he could give them out in an orderly fashion!

These ones are extra special.  They are a red velvet cake ball coated in white chocolate then coated in dark chocolate:

It was a busy and sweet weekend! I did manage to get in a 10 mile run yesterday morning.  It wasn’t the greatest run, thanks to the heat and humidity plus my general exhaustion.  The important thing is that I did it! I pushed through even when I wanted to stop and I made it through the miles.

Happy running and happy baking! :)


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