His and Hers…and Hers

His and hers running shoes? When running shoes are this awesome, then yes!

Ever since I got my Mizuno Wave Prophecy running shoes, hubby has been itching to get a pair as well. I don’t blame him – they’re pretty awesome looking shoes, plus he knows I think they’re a dream in to run in.  We went to our favorite local running store a couple weeks ago for him to try on a pair.  He loved them, but decided to get a different pair of Mizunos at the recommendation of the salesman.  While he loves that pair of Mizunos, he couldn’t seem to get the Prophecy shoes out of his head.  He would need a second pair of shoes to rotate anyway so he had his opportunity to get the Prophecy shoes.

The amazing Mizuno Wave Prophecy running shoes

They arrived today and he took them out for a spin.  It was love at first step.  He had a fantastic run and his pace was even a little better than usual – I swear those shoes make you faster!

Off he goes!

I posted last month about my Picky Feet and how it has taken me so long to find the right shoes.  I love my Mizuno Wave Prophecy running shoes.  I love them so much I ended up getting a second pair since I need to rotate and I just couldn’t go back to my other shoes after my feet got a taste of the Prophecy! Thank goodness for Road Runner Sports VIP discount!

Hers and hers and his


Next time hubby and I race together, we’ll match :).


  1. Hubby says

    So far the Mizuno Prophecy have been awesome!

    PS – You need to mention the Road ID’s in your next blog post!

  2. says

    Adorable! Glad you found a pair you love. I’m trying out my new pair of Asics this weekend…sadly the Mizunos hurt my ankle bones :(


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