The Running Mom is headed to Paris and Rome!

I can’t wait to log some miles in these beautiful cities.  I did my 12 mile run this morning so that I won’t have to worry about running tomorrow when we arrive and I will no doubt be jet-lagged.  Then on Tuesday, I will head out for my first run in Paris.

Paris is my favorite city in the world.  I studied abroad there in college and have been there 3 other times for vacation.  However, during the times I have been there, I haven’t been in a running phase of my life.  I mentioned in my first ever post that while I love to run, I haven’t always been the most dedicated runner.  I’m trying to change that now.  So during my previous trips to Paris, I was a non-runner.  This time, I will be running a lot.  I already mapped out a possible route for my 14 mile run this week and I’m so excited for it.  Luckily, I know the city pretty well so I won’t have a hard time getting around.

I have been to Rome once – while I was studying abroad in Paris, I visited my dear friend who was studying in Rome.  I loved the city and I’m excited to have the opportunity to visit again.  I will be hardcore carbo-loading while there with lots of amazing pizza and pasta.  Can’t wait! We’re meeting my family in Rome and I know we’re going to have so much fun together.  I don’t know the city as well so figuring out my runs will be a little tricky, but since we’ll have family around, someone will be able to watch Z while hubby and I run together.  Hopefully, between the 2 of us, we can figure out where we’re going :).

We won’t be taking the jogging stroller so Z won’t get to experience any foreign runs, but I can’t wait to introduce him to these two cities I love so much.  I’m sure he’s going to have a great time and I think he’s going to love all the yummy food we’ll be eating!

Be back next week with a running vacation recap! Au revoir and ciao!

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