Cross-training with a passenger

It doesn't get any cuter than this!

I mentioned in a previous post that we were getting a bike seat so that we can take Zain with us when we go for a ride.  We’re not avid cyclists by any means.  We just like to go for casual bike rides from time to time.  We haven’t been able to go on any rides together though since before Zain was born so this a fun new activity for us.

After doing some research, we decided on a Kettler bike seat.  Unfortunately, hubby discovered that it could not be installed on my bike because of the way the bike is designed, but thankfully it worked on his bike.  We also got Zain his very first helmet (sidenote: my 18 month old needed a bike helmet that was intended for a 3 year old.  Apparently, he has a big noggin!)

Riding with my passenger

Our first ride was about a week ago.  We just went out for a short 2 miles with hubby he finished up his 10 mile run.  Later in the week, we went out for a 7 mile family ride which was so much fun.  We had a great time exploring some different parts of our neighborhood.  I love that while we were checking out some new roads where houses are going to be built, hubby said to me “just think of all the new places we’ll have to run!” He thinks just like me :).

I love that he's clapping in this picture

On Saturday, I did my 14 mile run.  I stopped back home after 10 miles for more water and had the brilliant idea to take Zain with me for the last 4 miles.  I run 4 miles with him all the time, how bad could it be? It was pretty bad! Pushing the stroller after having run 10 miles already was quite brutal.  Luckily, I powered through and finished the run.

On Sunday, I decided to continue to abuse my poor legs.  Hubby had to run 12 miles so I decided to put Zain in his bike seat and we’d ride alongside hubs for part of his run.  We caught up with him and rode along for 7.5 miles.  We weren’t riding fast of course, but it was still quite a workout.  Going uphill on a bike is tough, especially with a 25lb passenger on board! We encountered quite a few big hills and my quads were not happy.  I can tell that riding the bike will be good for me though to work some different muscles.  Other than it being a great workout, it was so much fun to ride with hubby while he ran.  I think we did a good job of keeping him motivated and entertaining him at the same time; the miles went by quickly.  Hopefully, we’ll be able to do that again.

Off we go!

In other news, I think I found the perfect way to stay motivated this winter with my running – the DC Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon in March! I think I’m going to stick with the half marathon.  It looks like it will be a lot of fun!


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