Stuck in a rut?

Try a new route!

Lately I’ve found myself unmotivated for my weekday training runs.  This is mostly because I’m stuck doing the same route most days since I’m limited to the sidewalk when I run with Z in the stroller.  When I’m alone for my long runs, I can try something different by running on the road when I need a change.

This morning, I decided to load up the jogging stroller and the kiddo in the car and head to a nearby park.  I don’t usually do this because it means getting a later start for my run, but I decided to do it anyway today.  It was about 75 degrees and around 90% humidity which I knew was going to make for a soupy run.  Which leads to my other reason for not being a fan of driving to my running destination: I hate getting back in the car all sweaty and driving home.  When I trained for the Marine Corps Marathon, there was literally nowhere to run where I lived so I had to drive to the park for every run.  I didn’t enjoy that so now I’m thankful I can run where I live.  However, sometimes we all need a change of scenery.

The loop around the lake at the park is 1.7 miles and I was planning on a 5 mile run.  I ran around 3 times and took a break to walk back to the car when I hit 5 miles.

I pushed myself as much as I could given the humidity and ended up with a new 5 mile stroller run PR! My time was 49:55 (previous best was 50:53) with an average pace of 9:58.  My last 2 miles were my best splits at 9:54 followed by 9:33.  Sweet! I know that’s not fast for most people, but it’s great for me, especially with the stroller :).

A change in your usual routine and route can make a difference! If you’re feeling bored or unmotivated, try something new and you just might get great results.

Happy running!

P.S. Shout out to @ForrestGump49er for pointing out the theory to me that a change of scenery can mean a better run after reading about my awesome runs through Paris!



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