Favorite Things Friday: Baking Edition

I am officially in taper mode before the Baltimore Marathon so this week, I am bringing you something unrelated to running for my favorite things Friday post.  I have a sweet treat for you that is – dare I say – a little bit healthy.  Well, probably not healthy, but it has zucchini in it [...]

My 20 mile run with Zain

Earlier this year, soon after starting this blog, I started training for my second marathon.  I knew my marathon training was going to take me up to a 20 mile run.  I had a goal in mind that I had really hoped to accomplish.    My goal was to run 20 miles pushing Zain in [...]

Favorite Things Friday

It’s that time of the week again! Happy Friday everyone! This week, I’m going to share with you some of my favorite running apparel.  I have enough of a supply of running clothes to write close to 2,701,384 posts :). One of my favorite running shirts is this Brooks Run shirt (and look, it’s on [...]

20 miles

You may be wondering, “what’s it like to run 20 miles?” I’m here to tell you.  Running 20 miles can be a lot of things.  It can be painful.  It can be fun.  It can be boring.  It can be agonizing.  It can be exciting.  It can be torture.  It can be epic. My 20 [...]

Favorite Things Friday

Happy Friday everyone! On this beautiful (almost) Fall Friday, I just have one favorite thing for you and it’s a reminder to stay hydrated.  I know for me, when it’s not as hot out, I sometimes fall short of getting enough fluids in my body, especially when running. The very kind folks at Crystal Light [...]

“You are one beautiful mama”

The past few weeks, life and rain have gotten in the way of my regular training schedule and I’ve missed one run a week for the past 3 weeks.  I’ve been doing okay missing it, but I really do need it to stay on top of my training for the marathon.  Thankfully, my long runs [...]

Check me out!

I’m so excited share with you my new and improved website! Isn’t it fabulous? The Running Mom has been getting a lot more traffic and followers lately so I thought it was time to make things look a bit prettier around here. Rita at Blog Genie did such an amazing job! How cute is the [...]


I think it’s pretty well-established by now that I am not a fast runner, especially when I’m running with Zain in the jogging stroller.  A couple months ago, I set out on a run where I attempted to speed up my pace while running with Zain.  I was really proud of what I accomplished in [...]

Favorite Things Friday

This Friday, I just have one favorite thing for you – my favorite meal to eat the night before races and long runs.  You probably know by now that the standard night before long run or race meal is usually pasta.  I love pasta.  We didn’t eat it very frequently in our house until I [...]

No watch, no music and no stroller, but…

A whole lot of rain. The past 2 days, we’ve gotten buckets of rain and some lovely thunderstorms (that have sent my poor dog into a perpetually panicked state).  I don’t mind running in the rain; in fact, I like it, but I can’t do it with Zain in the stroller.  Yesterday, I had planned [...]