Favorite Things Friday

It’s that time of the week again! Happy Friday everyone!

This week, I’m going to share with you some of my favorite running apparel.  I have enough of a supply of running clothes to write close to 2,701,384 posts :).

  • One of my favorite running shirts is this Brooks Run shirt (and look, it’s on sale!!).  I love the colors and I love that it simply says Run.  It makes me want to run! While perusing their site to find the link to the shirt, I also happened to find a shirt that says “Run Happy.”  I think that will be added to my running wardrobe in the near future.

  • I love this Nike Pacer Running Skirt.  It’s so comfortable and it looks super cute when you wear it.  Plus, it has a really nice size zipper pocket in the back that holds a lot.  I wear this frequently on my long runs and can easily fit 3 Gus in the pocket.

  • RRS High-Speed Compression Capri are my favorite compression capris for when it’s just a bit chilly outside.  They also have a good size pocket on the back for storing Gu, keys, etc.  RRS has similar pants in different lengths, like their Knicker length which is a bit shorter than the capri length.  I love them too!

  • A relative and friend of mine recently asked me what my favorite socks are for running.  RRS Drymax Hyper Thin socks are my absolute favorite.  Pricey, but totally worth every penny.  They are fairly thin so if you don’t like thin socks, these aren’t for you.  I hate the feeling of thick socks so these are perfect for me.  They’re also great at wicking away moisture.

For the items at Road Runner Sports, be sure to sign up for their VIP program.  It gets you great discounts and will help you with all your running clothes/shoes addictions needs.

Happy running!

Note: All of these items were purchased by me and these opinions and words are my own.


  1. Kathleen says

    If you ever do go to the dark side of thick socks – I am a fan of balega. Pricey, but I heart them in the cooler months!


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