Happy Halloween!

A mostly wordless post for you.  Check out my chocolate cake-filled Halloween cake pops that I took to hubby’s office Halloween party.   Happy Halloween!

My Training Plans

A lot of people have asked me what training plan I used while training for the Baltimore Marathon so I’m going to share it with you.  I’m also including my half marathon training plan that I followed for the MD Half Marathon and ZOOMA Half Marathon in the Spring.  The marathon training plan I came [...]

Guest Blog: Atlantic City Half Marathon Race Recap

My cousin ran her first half marathon in Atlantic City this month.  I’m so proud of her for running this race.  I’m really excited that I think she’s hooked on racing now as she’s already looking for another race to run :).  I helped her out by sending her my training schedule (post coming soon [...]

Why it took me 5 years to run another marathon

When I ran my first marathon I was 22.  I had just graduated from college, started my first real job and began my first semester of graduate school.  I was a different person than I am today.  In a lot of ways, I think I’m a not only a stronger runner today, but also a [...]

Marathon lessons learned

My first marathon – the Marine Corps Marathon – taught me a lot about what works for me and what doesn’t when I’m racing a long distance.  Because I learned so much from that race, I thought I knew what to do better for the Baltimore Marathon.  However, I learned quite a few more lessons [...]

Hubby’s Race Recap: 2011 Baltimore Marathon

As you may already know from reading about my training and my Baltimore Marathon recap, I ran the race with my wonderful hubby.  This was his first marathon and I’m very excited to share his experience with you.  Here is his recap:   The Baltimore Marathon was tough. It was without a doubt the toughest [...]

Race Recap: 2011 Baltimore Marathon

On Saturday morning, Zain kindly woke me up just before 5am so I didn’t need to wait for my alarm to go off.  After getting him back to sleep so he could have another hour of rest, I excitedly woke hubby up and asked him if he was ready to go run a marathon.  He [...]

Race day is almost here

This morning, I went for my last run before the Baltimore Marathon on Saturday.  It was a solo run because it was raining and I didn’t want to take Zain out in this weather.  I couldn’t decide between running 3 or 4 miles so I sort of split the difference and ran 3.6. At the [...]

My First Marathon(s)

My first exposure to a marathon was years before I ran my first.  My high school field hockey team volunteered to work the water stop at the Baltimore Marathon.  I don’t remember exactly what mile marker it was, but I do remember it was mile 20-something.  One of our teachers was running the marathon and [...]


October is my favorite month in my favorite season of the year.  It probably has something to do with my birthday being this month, but that’s not the only reason :).  I love the cooler weather, the leaves changing and the excitement as we get ready to enter the holiday season. I’m especially thrilled this [...]