“Race” Recap: 2011 Turkey Trot 5K

Thanksgiving is a day full of family, friends and food.  Lots and lots of food.  A great way to start the day off is with a Turkey Trot.  I ran my first Turkey Trot in Washington, DC several years ago with hubby (who was my fiancé at the time).  We had a blast, supported a [...]

Positive Thinking

I’m really good at telling other people to think positively.  I’m also really good about thinking positively about what other people can do and achieve.  When I ran the Maryland Half Marathon with my hubby, he told me around mile 11 that he couldn’t keep going because he was going to die (yes, he really [...]

Winter 100 Challenge

Every year since I started running, I have the same problem that creeps up on me as the temperatures drop – I lose my motivation to run.  Since I will be running my 3rd marathon in March, I have no choice but to keep up with my running this Winter.  However, for extra motivation and [...]

What’s next?

When my first marathon was over 5 years ago, I felt like I had no reason left to run.  Not only was I still nursing injuries sustained during training, I just didn’t feel like running.  I remember feeling the post-marathon blues in the weeks following the Marine Corps Marathon.  My first attempt at running 3 [...]