“Race” Recap: 2011 Turkey Trot 5K

Turkey Cake Pops I made for hubby’s office Thanksgiving party

Thanksgiving is a day full of family, friends and food.  Lots and lots of food.  A great way to start the day off is with a Turkey Trot.  I ran my first Turkey Trot in Washington, DC several years ago with hubby (who was my fiancé at the time).  We had a blast, supported a great cause and felt moderately less guilty about our excessive calorie consumption later in the day.  This year, we planned to run the same Turkey Trot.  We decided to change our plans when we found out that our neighborhood was hosting it’s very own Turkey Trot 5K.  Convenience is a big factor when you have a toddler plus 5 pies, 24 cupcakes and 10 pounds of sweet potatoes to make! We didn’t sweat losing the registration fee for the DC Turkey Trot because it went to a good cause.

I used our neighborhood race as my virtual Turkey Trot for the Dailymile’s Feed the Turkey fundraiser for Charity Water.  The neighborhood race also collected donations for the Immune Deficiency Foundation.  Technically, we supported 3 causes in one day!

Bundled up for the race and giving the other runners the side-eye

Our neighborhood Turkey Trot was an unofficial, untimed race comprised of about 50 runners.  There were lots of families and everyone had a great time.  The nice part of it being an unofficial race was that no one could tell me my stroller wasn’t allowed :).

I felt sluggish the entire race – no doubt a result of the major lack of sleep going on in our house.  My poor little man is getting his 2 year molars and it’s not fun for anyone.  Despite how I felt, I really tried to push myself.  I will admit that I got a small amount of satisfaction out of passing people while pushing the stroller, especially on the hills.  One lady said to me “you are strong!” In the out and back portion toward the end of the race, several people heading in the opposite direction told me how great I was doing.  I really appreciated the encouragement.  It helped me push through my fatigue and finish strong.

The time on my Garmin was 29:24 – a sub-30 minute 5K with the stroller, I’ll take it! My splits were 9:59, 9:39, 8:55, and a pace of 8:05 for the last tenth of a mile.  I could have started off a bit stronger had I not been stuck on the sidewalk behind a kid riding his bike in the race.  I had to figure out a way to get past him and all the other slower runners.  I think I also would have felt better if I had warmed up before the race with short run to get my legs moving.  Nevertheless, I think we probably finished in the top 20 or so runners, but as I said – it was a small crowd.  Zain and I were the first stroller runners to cross the finish line out of all 4 of us runners with strollers :).

Zain needed to burn off some extra calories after the race so he wanted to walk home

I have to say how proud I was of my hubby.  He was on fire.  He ran in front of me and Zain and I had trouble keeping up with him! He kindly slowed down to stay with us even though I told him he should keep going.  I’m glad he was there because when we were getting ready to line for the race, Zain was getting a bit fussy.  That kind of threw me because he’s usually so calm in the stroller for our runs; I mean this is the kid who sat through a 20 mile run! Luckily, he was perfectly content once hubby was running in front of us.  He kept yelling “go, dada, go!”

I’m so thankful for this adorable little guy

It’s a good thing we ran in the morning because devoured quite a few treats later in the day.

Red velvet cupcakes I made for my cousin’s birthday which we celebrated on Thanksgiving – please note the sleeping hubby in the background

Cream cheese buttercream frosting – absurdly delicious

I was in charge of making several pies.

Apple pie

Cherry pie

Pecan pie and chocolate pecan pie (my favorite!)

Sweet potato pie – my first time making it and it was yummmmy!

I was also in charge of making the sweet potatoes for dinner.  I used 10 pounds of delicious local sweet potatoes.  One pan was topped with marshmallows, the other was halfway covered in nuts and half in just a yummy crumb topping.

Please excuse the messy presentation; I’m not a fan of the pecan topping like the rest of the family so I just threw them on :); hubby on the other hand, very carefully placed every single marshmallow in an orderly fashion


Did you participate in a Turkey Trot?



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