Winter 100 Challenge Check-in

The first month of the Winter 100 Challenge is nearly over and I want to check in with all of my participants to see how everyone is doing. I am in unknown territory.  In the past, if I ran during the winter, it was sporadic and only short distances.  This year, I’m running consistently (usually [...]

Sweet Fundraising

When hubby and I ran the Baltimore Marathon in October, we ran for Team Fight for The Ulman Cancer Fund.  It was a great experience and we were thrilled to raise money for their organization.  I am currently training for the Rock ‘n Roll USA Marathon with Team in Training for The Leukemia and Lymphoma [...]

The lengths I go to in order to avoid the treadmill

I am very lucky to have a really nice treadmill located right in the comfort of my basement.  It has a hookup to play my iPhone/iPod through its speakers and there is a TV and DVD player in the room to keep me entertained.  Despite the distractions I can set up for myself, I have [...]

It takes a mile

When it’s cold outside, it takes me a mile, sometimes a mile and half to feel comfortable with the chill in the air.  I spend that first mile wondering if I dressed appropriately or if maybe I’d be better off going home and getting on the treadmill.  I know that the treadmill is not a [...]

The Winter 100 Challenge starts today!

The weather here in Maryland was a total tease in the past week.  The temperatures were in the mid-60s some days and it sure didn’t feel like Winter was approaching.  Today, it’s cold again which is a reminder of why I need this challenge to stay motivated! If you haven’t signed up for Winter 100 [...]