Sweet Fundraising

Sweet treats for a good cause

When hubby and I ran the Baltimore Marathon in October, we ran for Team Fight for The Ulman Cancer Fund.  It was a great experience and we were thrilled to raise money for their organization.  I am currently training for the Rock ‘n Roll USA Marathon with Team in Training for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  I feel a tad guilty asking all the same people who just donated to my last charity run to donate to yet another one.  Therefore, I’m trying to be creative this time around.

My mom recently asked me if I’d do some baking for a couple holiday parties she was hosting.  She offered to pay me, but I refused because I would never charge my family for me to bake for them! Then I thought, hmm…it is a lot of baking and it would be a great way to raise money for TNT.  So I told her that instead of paying me, she could make a donation to TNT.  I told her she could decide the amount she donated.  And with that, I’m almost 50% to my goal!

She had holiday parties 2 weekends in a row.  Here are the yummy treats I made for her (which by the way, everyone loved!):

Christmas Cake Pops! All filled with red velvet cake

Christmas Trees

Santa Hats

Good old dark chocolate covered cake pops

Rich chocolate oatmeal cookies with dark chocolate chunks

Pepperment oreo truffles for party #1 (actually made with Trader Joe's awesome Candy Cane Joe Joe's)

Regular oreo truffles for party #2 (actually made with Trader Joe's tasty Vanilla Bean Joe Joe's)

Red Velvet Cupcakes

Topped with cream cheese buttercream frosting - simply amazing!

The best part about these cupcakes was that I cored them and filled the hole with frosting before topping with more frosting so when you bite into them, there's a yummy surprise!

Obviously these pictures have nothing to do with running so I will leave you with one that sort of does – I’m wearing my snazzy hot pink compression socks post-long run in this picture :).

Family picture on my parents' Christmas Tree Farm

Have you ever run with a charity team? What were some creative things you did for fundraising?



  1. says

    What a great idea to turn your gift of baking into a fundraising method!

    I haven’t done any serious fundraising yet outside of my job. Yes, I work in fundraising but have a hard time doing the ask on my own. Although I would love to do TNT one day but the fundraising goals make me nervous for races from Hawaii to mainland. I will have to bite the bullet one day!

    Keep up the great work and if you ever want to share delicious recipes…..we are all here!
    {lifeasa}RunningMom recently posted…Tuesday Tunes…..and MoreMy Profile

  2. says

    Wow! Those are awesome. You are one amazing baker. My hat’s off to you. I don’t know how you do that with a little one. (Yes, I hear this all the time about training for a marathon, but somehow that’s different.)

    Good luck with your training and fundraising. You’ll make your goal!
    Karen recently posted…Almost Back!My Profile

  3. says

    Yes, I have another comment. Can you make a bunch of goodies and go “give them away” outside a grocery store or some other big store? Of course you can then ask for a small donation if they would like. Bring the little guy along if he’ll tolerate it. Kids always help bring in donations. :)
    Karen recently posted…Almost Back!My Profile

  4. Masha says

    They look amazing! I especially love the Santa hats – so adorable! I make my “Oreo” truffles with Candy Cane Joe Joes, too. I think they are so much better than regular Oreos.

  5. says

    Love all your cake pops. I got a book for Christmas with similar ideas and cant wait until Christmas 2012 so I can make some of them.
    Snazzy socks too ;)

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