Winter 100 Challenge Check-in

The first month of the Winter 100 Challenge is nearly over and I want to check in with all of my participants to see how everyone is doing.

I am in unknown territory.  In the past, if I ran during the winter, it was sporadic and only short distances.  This year, I’m running consistently (usually 4 days a week) and one of those runs is a double digit mileage run.  I’m still getting used to how I need to dress for the dropping temperatures.  Although, we’ve had some random warm days this December here in MD which was nice.

On Sunday, I ran 12 miles.  When I headed out the door, it was about 30 degrees.  To me, that is cold.  I know a lot of you live in places that are even colder right now.  I don’t know how you do it! When I first stepped outside, that chill in the air made me want to run back inside, throw on my comfy yoga pants and sweatshirt and sit in front of the fire with my hot cup of coffee.  Unfortunately, I knew those miles wouldn’t run themselves so I forced myself to suck it up and hit the pavement.  No matter how the marathon goes on race day, I know I will be proud of myself for sticking with my training through the winter.

As of today, I have logged 66 miles since December 1st.  Zain has run 24 of those miles with me.  If my training goes as planned until the end of the month, I may even hit 100 before January 1st! Then I’ll have to work on making sure Zain gets in his miles :).

How is the Winter 100 Challenge going for you? Have you encountered any obstacles in your training? Are you finding it difficult to get out to run/walk with the cooler temperatures?

When you’re having a hard time getting going this winter, just say to yourself: Garmin…Sparkly Soul…Go Sport ID…SparkleSkirts…Gu…Ryders Eyewear…Nuun.  That will help remind you of the prizes you have the chance to win if you log those 100 miles! :)

Happy Running!

(If you haven’t signed up for the challenge yet, you still can!)


  1. says

    Im in northern va and with you, the 30 degree temps are killing me! I know I’m getting some cold weather gear for Christmas, and maybe a race entry, which will help. I have 16 miles so far.

    • Kristen says

      Great job, Siobhan! I also asked for cold weather gear for Christmas. I’m trying to be patient and not ask for my husband to give it to me early :). A race entry is a good idea!

  2. says

    I have about 33 miles so far, but since I am training for a half mary in March, it hasn’t been too hard to keep focused, even in the cold. I definitely prefer the cold to the hot summers here in Central VA.

  3. Jenni says

    Between the Holidays and cold weather, I’ve probably only logged 20 so far this month. I have a Half in March, so I need to keep focused! I’m also in MD, so we can suffer the winter together ;)

  4. says

    I’m up to about 70 before today. The holidays, this challenge, the HBBC challenge and my self imposed challenge (hitting month 7 of 100+miles for 2011) have kept me going. Now, January…that’s a different story! Will need a new challenge for the cold/icy mess that January usually brings to OH!
    Anne recently posted…I run and run….My Profile

  5. says

    I’ve hit 32 as of yesterday (12/18) – I’m running the half down in Disney in 2 weeks (eek!), so I’ll be tapering after this Saturday until that week. Getting excited, but man is it getting cold!!!!!
    Maria recently posted…New shoes – check!My Profile

  6. says

    I’m at 65 miles so far this month. Thank you for this challenge. It really has kept me motivated to keep moving outside as much as possible. Good Luck on reaching that 100 by January. I’m right behind you.

    Evertime I step outside to run I feel the same way. I just want to turn and go back in the the gym, but after I do get my butt outside and get that run done. Boy I feel like I have conquered the world.

  7. Kim says

    I’m at 25 miles so far and I’m excited since I just started running in January! The busyness of the season is what is challenging me right now, but the running is keeping me sane.

  8. says

    I am a bit behind too… if you are counting running and walking I am about 70 miles… most of that walking.

    We were only running twice a week while still on the boat, none last week while we moved into the house… but starting this week I plan 3 runs a week.

    Fun to read how everyone is doing.
    Elle recently posted…Sunday Run, Short and SweetMy Profile

  9. says

    Had a slow start thanks to the flu or whatever that gunk was! Logged only 23 miles so far . But looking foward to another day, another run. I struggle with it getting dark on me more than the cold right now. Well, we rock ladies :)

  10. says

    I was sidelined for 2 weeks due to injury and illness so I’ve only logged 57km (35miles). I’m sure the holidays aren’t going to help my December tally. I’m really going to have to work hard in January! Here’s hoping for a mild Ontario winter! LOL

  11. says

    I first logged 11miles running/walking outside. Now I’ve started walking inside and have a total of 26miles. I don’t own a treadmill but am using a walk at home system and actually look fwd to getting up and getting in my 5miles or more. I can’t wait until the nicer weather gets here to take it back outside though. My plan is to get 80 miles for December but will be on track with just 34 :)

    I’d love to do another challenge like this in the spring/summer.
    Christy, HEA recently posted…Indoor Walking, Is it LegitMy Profile

  12. says

    I’ve only conquered 7 miles so far due to my hurt foot, but I’m going to be stepping that up! My runs will have to be on the shorter side as my foot does get tired, but making me step it up to 4 days a week will be great!
    Karen recently posted…I’m BackMy Profile

  13. says

    I was doing quite well (25 or 28 miles so far)…then the flu hit me hard (which is totally not fair since I actually got a flu shot a month or two back)…. and we had some other stressors this week… lack of sleep is a killer for my motivation to run. But I’m hoping to get back into the swing of things this week. Knock out 2011 with a bang and come out swinging for 2012!!

  14. janmac says

    32 miles for me so far… coldest run was around 25 (feels like temp). Thanks for the Winter Challenge!

    When it comes to winter gear, as long as I have a good headband/ ear warmer and my 1/2 zips with hand covers I’m good to go down to around 0f.

    I hope Santa brings lots of running gear for everyone!!

    • janmac says

      “as long as I have a good headband/ ear warmer and my 1/2 zips with hand covers…” NOT to say that those are ALL I wear! = ]

  15. Scarlett says

    I am waaaaaay behind at this point. I’m only at 18 miles so far. Usually, I am running 20-25 miles a week, but I had minor surgery a few weeks ago and I’m having a rough time bouncing back after taking off time to recover. I did manage a 9 mile run on Saturday with my BFF (thank GOD for her!) and we’re planning on a 9 or 10 mile run this weekend too. I guess all those miles will add up…

  16. Jodi says

    I’m also at about 37 miles. This challenge has been great for me to stay motivated through the cold Canadian winter. This is the first winter in a very long time that I’ve run since having 2 babies and it feels great. It has helped however that it has been relatively mild so far! Hopefully it stays like this.

  17. Meghan Roach ( says

    I have 0 so far. My injury has been keeping me from running and its so frustrating! I was very excited about this challenge too :( I hope to get some miles in January.


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