Embracing the treadmill

I once posted about the ridiculous lengths I went to for a run to avoid being stuck on the treadmill.  Lately, I’ve found myself willing getting on the treadmill for a variety of reasons – weather that isn’t conducive to stroller running, weather that doesn’t sound appealing to run in because I’m a wimp, or busy days that only allow me to fit in a run during naptime.

I was really excited this morning because I was supposed to have a group run with Team in Training.  Our Rock ‘n Roll team is part of their flex program so we don’t generally have scheduled runs together.  They are offering group runs throughout the area at a different location each weekend.  It was supposed to be nearby this morning, but they canceled it due to the snow and ice we got last night and this morning.

Hubby had plans today so that meant I either had to try to do my run on the treadmill during naptime or wait until tomorrow.  Since I only needed to run 14 miles this week (I’m in a lower mileage recovery week), I thought maybe I could handle doing it on the ‘mill.

First, I needed this:

Sweet sleeping boy

Then I grabbed all of this that I set out for myself earlier:

All the essentials: tissues because I have a cold, assortment of fuel (only had 2 gels during the run), Nuun, water, baby monitor, phone, and knee band

I slurped down some chia gel (yummy!) and I hopped on the treadmill prepared for a mental battle.  Thankfully, my DVR was stocked with my favorite shows to keep me distracted and entertained.  The miles felt like they ticked by really quickly.  I kept my pace slow and steady (varied between 5.5 to 6.0mph) and tried to focus on my form so as to not aggravate my knee.  I had one gel at mile 5 and another at mile 10.  Had I known I only had a mile left when I took the second one, I wouldn’t have bothered with it.

I kept setting small goals for myself so that the mileage seemed less daunting.  I told myself to make it to 3 miles, then 5 miles, then 8 miles.  I hoped to make it to 10 miles at the minimum.  As I was watching the clock, I knew my time was running out before Zain would wake up.  Sure enough, at 10.9 miles, I saw on the video monitor that he was awake.  I bumped up the pace to 8.5mph and quickly wrapped it up at 11 miles in 1:56.  Of course, I had to snap a picture of the treadmill as proof to myself that I actually just stayed on that thing for so long:

Double digits on the treadmill - something I've never done before

I was slightly bummed because I knew I could have made it to 14, but I didn’t beat myself up about it.  With my knee acting up this past week, it’s probably for the best that I had a shorter run today.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to rock my 18 miler coming up next weekend – that one will not be on the treadmill.  Although, I may warm up on the treadmill for the first few miles again because I liked doing that last weekend.

The most I’d ever run on the treadmill before was 6 miles.  I usually can only handle staying on it for 3 miles so today’s run took some serious perseverance.  I normally keep the incline at 1% for treadmill runs, but today I only kept it at 0.5% to give myself a little break.

I’m really happy that my run went so well.  I’m relieved to know that I can make it through a long run on the treadmill if I need to.  Maybe it was the chia that helped me have such a good run :).

What’s the longest distance you’ve run on a treadmill? What do you do to stay motivated while running on it?

Happy running!


    • says

      I could not stay on the treadmill that long without the TV to distract me.  I would be off that thing before I was even done a quarter of a mile, lol.

  1. Suzanne Westenhofer says

    I’m not sure what my longest distance on a treadmill is but I think it’s around 6 miles. Double digits is hard to do on a treadmill!

    • says

      6 miles was my previous longest distance on the ‘mill and it was tough! I’m still surprised I made it to double digits. The treadmill is such a mental struggle for me!

  2. Sara Tetzloff says

    I ran a half marathon on a treadmill about two years ago… no joke. Thankfully, there was plenty of great TV on, my iPod was stocked with motivating tunes and I was set with water and gel packs. Haven’t done it since though! ALSO! Love that you rocked out 11 miles on your Horizon Fitness treadmill. I actually work for the company (Johnson Health Tech) that designs/manufactures them :)

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