How to lose weight during the Holidays

(Note: this post is not meant to be taken seriously.)

I apologize for not getting this posted at the beginning of the Holiday season so you could take advantage of this Holiday weight loss plan.  Make sure you bookmark it so you can use it for the 2012 Holidays!

First of all, you need one of these:

A busy toddler

Don’t have one? Ask a friend if you can borrow theirs.  You may be surprised by how willing they are to lend one to you!

Second, you need to ensure that all of your holiday plans involve celebrating at other family members’ or friends’ homes that are NOT babyproofed.  The ideal host has lots of fancy, expensive, breakable items at toddler height around their house.  Christmas is the perfect time of year for this weight loss plan because your relative or friend’s Christmas tree is sure to have lots of breakable ornaments that your child would love to rip off.

Our tree was toddler-proof: all our ornaments were soft; the few breakable ones we had went at the top, out of the reach of the busy little man

Chasing a toddler who must investigate every inch of the home you are in for your holiday celebration is guaranteed to burn calories.  Chances are they will be too busy scoping out the things they can damage to even want to sit down and eat.  Or, maybe you’ll try to get them to eat and they’ll deem every piece of food you give them inedible.  This should ensure that you will not get a chance to eat.  No excess holiday meal calories consumed!

The toddler diet method is also fantastic when you’re on vacation.  Staying in a hotel is easy because you can hide all toddler breakable items.  I recommend staying at a relative or friend’s home to once again ensure the maximum obstacles for the parent.

While at these holiday celebrations or on vacation, your toddler may have moments of shyness or separation anxiety that can help you burn some extra calories while getting in some extra weight training.  They will want up and down and then up and then down.  They may just want to be held for a while which is great exercise for your arms!

Ahh, enjoying the snuggling that is far less frequent these days while getting a good arm workout :)

This method is very effective.  I managed to lose 2lbs the week of Thanksgiving and 2lbs the week of Christmas and New Year’s.  Of course, the 2lbs I lost during Thanksgiving came right back on once I was back in the safety of my babyproofed home.  I managed to lose that weight again last week.  Maybe this time I’ll keep it off!

This method was also great at ensuring I didn’t get to sample any of the yummy treats I made for the Holidays like these:

Cookies for Christmas Eve

Snowmen cake pops!

Christmas Eve Cake Pop display: Christmas Trees, Santa Hats, Reindeer, and Snowmen

Christmas Day Present Cake Pop Display - this is my favorite!

Chocolate covered cherries for New Year's Eve; these were a big hit!

Following this simple holiday weight loss plan, you too can avoid those extra holiday pounds!

Happy running!


  1. says

    hahahaha I spent my whole holiday season doing the same thing…..or trying to get people on that same plan by lending Logan out :P so many people LOVE babies but not so many love toddlers.

    Those cake pops look amazing!
    Ali Mc recently posted…New Layout.My Profile

    • Kristen says

      That is so true! People always volunteer to hold a baby, but they don’t last very long keeping an eye on the crazy toddler :).

  2. says

    I have another tip to add: When you are getting said toddler dressed “forget” the socks, “forget” the shoes, etc that way you have to make 10,000 trips back and forth across your house just to get them ready.. And I have 3 kids :/

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