My baby is 2!

I think time speeds up when you have a baby.  I don’t know how 2 years have already gone by since I met my perfect little man.

Meeting my sweet little man for the first time

Don't mind my puffy face - 17 hours of labor + c-section + all the meds they gave me made me so swollen

We celebrated his birthday all weekend.  We had a big dinner with hubby’s family on Saturday night.

Me and my birthday boy

Zain wants a piece of that cake!

Yesterday (his actual birthday), we went to the National Aquarium in Baltimore.  We went last year for his birthday and he loved it so much that we decided to make it his birthday tradition.  He had so much fun seeing all the fishies.  He pointed to all of them and said “fishy!” which sounds more like “shishy!” He was too cute.

Off to see the shishies!

That's a big shishy

That's a funny looking fish

In the rainforest

He especially liked the dolphin show.

We stayed out of the splash zone

Dolphins are so cool

Zain and I liked the dolphins so much that we tried to convince hubby that we need one as a pet.  He didn’t agree so instead we watched Dolphin Tale later in the day.  It’s great movie, by the way! It kind of made me want my own dolphin even more :).

Zain’s birthday celebrations will continue this weekend with another family party.  We have big families so 2 parties are a necessity!


  1. Eleanor Burns says

    Such a cute little guy! Time really does fly – my 1st baby is getting ready to turn 21. Both kids always loved the Baltimore Aquarium (Bmore is my hometown).

  2. Kara says

    Happy birthday to little Zain! I love that back pack that you have for him. Is that more comfortable than just carrying him?

    • says

      Much more comfortable! I wear him in our Ergo all the time.  It’s easier to get around places with him on my back instead of trying to maneuver the stroller.

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