What works for someone else…

does not work for everyone.

Instead of my usual cup of coffee (more accurately my shot of espresso since that is my usual pre-long run source of energy) before my run this morning, I tried an energy shot (Street King from GNC) that a fellow running blogger recommended.  It says it has the caffeine equivalent of a premium cup of coffee so I figured I’d feel the same as usual on my run with maybe a little extra energy from the added vitamins.  Wrong.  I was jittery and my heart was racing.  It was awful.  At one point, I was having trouble breathing.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the energy shot (or the blogger that recommended it for that matter!), I just don’t think I should take it before running.  That was a good reminder for me that what works for someone else does not necessarily work for me.  I’m glad I tested it out though so I know it’s not for me.  It’s certainly better to learn these kinds of things on a training run rather than race day!

If you read a lot of running or fitness blogs, you’ll probably see bloggers – myself included – recommend their favorite gear, supplements, etc.  If something peaks your interest, absolutely give it a shot.  Just always remember that what works fabulously for one person may not always work the same for you.

During my run this morning, I asked hubby to join me with Zain at about mile 11 because I was feeling so crappy that I didn’t want to keep going alone.  I didn’t have it in me to push the stroller so my husband did.  You know what’s funny? Zain got really mad when he pushed it so I had to take over and then he was fine.  Apparently, I am a superior stroller pusher :).  I was still not feeling great so I called it quits at mile 12.  I walked with hubby and Z for a half a mile back to our house.

I hated the thought of leaving my 15 mile run unfinished so I decided to try to squeeze out another 3 miles on my own.  It wasn’t pretty, but I got it done. Fifteen miles in 2:28 for an average pace of 9:52.

From now on, I’ll stick to my usual pre-long run routine.  You know what they say: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

Happy running!

What do you do when you’re having a particularly challenging run? Do you push through or call it a day?


  1. Jodi says

    Good for you for pushing through and getting the run in. Usually when I’m having a bad run, I slow it down but keep going. I may make it shorter if it is a really bad run, but for the most part I keep trucking, knowing that when I am finished I will be happy I did it.

    • Kristen says

      Thanks, Jodi! That’s what I try to do too – slow down and keep trucking. Anything to get those miles in!

  2. says

    This is spot on!! I often jump on the bandwagon when I hear a runner I like and admire talk about a product. I think that it’ll make me go faster or run longer. But as you said, things work/fit differently for everyone! Good thing you tried it out on a training run and not a race!! =)
    Love your blog – now following =)
    Michele recently posted…What’s better than two PRs in one day?My Profile

  3. Carrie says

    I’m scared of those energy shots. I know everyone loves them but I don’t want to risk it. Sorry your run was ruined.

  4. says

    I agree! I think that sometimes things work for one but not the other. I am not a huge fan of gu. My friends (and fellow bloggers) all said to try the fruit ones, so I got a Razz somethingorother and I took it all with water, just like they told me. I almost puked and I felt horrible for the rest of the run! I had to experiment a lot to figure out which was best for me… finally I settled on Honey Stinger Chews!
    Kyria recently posted…Winter BreakMy Profile

    • Kristen says

      I completely understand. I used to only use Gu, but recently I tried some Honey Stinger gels and I’m hooked. I’ll have to try the chews. I think their stuff seems to work better for me since it’s all natural.

  5. Jenny says

    I am always amazed how FAST you run and how LONG you run while pushing the jogger. So, things did not go smoothly on your run. But you still ran. 15 miles. That in itself is an accomplishment worth being proud of… Regardless of how you got there!

  6. says

    I so so so agree with this.
    we need to do what works for US (which for me is street king too :-)) and let others be merely information.
    I push through some days.
    I stop on others.
    What I do do each time is STOP and be real with myself.
    If I wanna quit because it (whatever IT is) is hard and Im afraid to push through or if I really, truly need.to.stop.
    Miz recently posted…My torrid love affair with chia.My Profile

  7. says

    Ive had this open on my computer to read for a while now.. Jus getting around to it. Tips to remember for sure. Ive tried some things that other bloggers seem to love. Some have worked well, others were a total fail. – Hope you next long run goes/went better. Im amazed by your stroller pushing abilities :)


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