Another one of those runs

My week started off with a fantastic run on Monday.  Wednesday’s run was less than stellar.  I did a short 3 mile run with Zain in the stroller that might as well have been a 20 mile run because I struggled for every mile.

Yesterday, I had another awesome run to balance it out.  I waited to run in the afternoon so that hubby could come along for a family run.  Family runs are my favorite.  I love running with my hubby and we don’t get to do it all that often.  Hubby asked ahead of time how many miles we’d be running so he could mentally prepare himself.  I told him 10 and he didn’t find that very funny.  Instead, we ran 3 miles together which was nice and relaxing.

After our 3 miles in the gorgeous 60 degree February weather were up, I slyly passed the stroller off to hubby so I could continue on with my run and he could go home with Zain.  Zain only allows me to push him while running so I had to pass him off without him noticing.  Slow stroller splits:

Mile 1-10:15 (just warming up)

Mile 2-10:05

Mile 3- 10:28 (stupid hills!)

When I go from pushing the stroller to running alone, I feel liberated.  I feel so light and free that I can speed up and run farther.  I planned to just run until I hit 5 or 6 miles, but I felt good enough to keep going – something that doesn’t happen often!

Mile 4- 9:03 (weeee, I’m free!)

Mile 5- 9:01 (this feels good!)

As my pace dipped into the 8 minute range, I had a crazy thought – I wonder if I can run a mile with an average pace in the 7 minute range.  I’ve never done that before.  I’ve run in the 7 minute range for short sprints, but that’s it.  I had to really punch it to get my legs moving that fast.

Mile 6- 7:57 (holy crap!)

I don’t know how people run at that pace or faster normally.  I feel like I’m a speeding car in danger of losing control when running that fast! Luckily, I didn’t lose control and go flying off the sidewalk.  I felt amazing when I saw my watch said 7:57.  Then I majorly slowed down for a cool down mile.

Mile 7- 9:47 (that feels safer)

Our run started in the late afternoon and it was dark by the time I got home.  I’m not a fan of running in the dark, but there was something very peaceful about running as the sun went down.

Let’s hope the pattern for the week does not continue as good run, bad run, good run, bad run…otherwise I’ll be in big trouble for my 22 mile run tomorrow!

Tomorrow will be my longest run before the marathon, then it’s taper time.  I can’t believe the marathon is just over 3 weeks away!

What are your running or racing plans this weekend?

~ Don’t forget that the Winter 100 Challenge ends next week! ~


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    You have been having some KICK ASS runs lately!!! Great job mama :) I have been doing mile repeats below an 8:00/mile pace and I feel like I’m going to die. I can’t even imagine doing 26.2 of them!

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