Who wants their very own Go Sport ID?

I opted for the Glide with the Glide band bundle pack so I have a color to wear with every running outfit!

I LOVE my Go Sport ID.  I love it so much that for Christmas I wanted to spread the Go Sport ID love.  I gave gift cards for Go Sport ID to 4 family members so they could create their own custom IDs.  I also gave my hubby his very own Go Sport ID.

On my Go Sport ID, I included my name and my hubby’s name and phone number.  That way if anything were to happen to me while I’m out for a run, someone can contact him.  There’s also room on the ID to include a short inspirational quote or line that you like.  On my ID, I have “The Running Mom” and “One mile at a time” engraved along with my emergency contact information.

I chose to put The Running Mom on it because part of why I love having my blog is because I feel like it helps keep me accountable.  If I tell you guys that I’m going to run 22 miles, then I better get out there and do it!

I also chose “One mile at a time” because I saw that as a suggestion on the Go Sport ID website.  The reason I liked that so much is because sometimes I get really anxious about the miles I need to tackle on a run and I need that reminder to take it one mile at a time so I don’t feel so overwhelmed.

Go Sport ID was generous enough to donate TWO $25 gift cards to the Winter 100 Challenge.  That means 2 of my wonderful participants will be able to order their very own awesome IDs.  Yay!

One of these could be yours!

~ The challenge ends tomorrow.  Be sure to send me your running logs by midnight EST tomorrow.  You can email me at therunningmomblog@gmail.com.  Thank you to everyone who has already sent me your mileage logs.  I’m inspired by the miles you’ve all run! ~


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