Who wants some Nuun?

I have an addiction to Nuun.  I must have my lemon-lime Nuun with me for all long runs.  The Baltimore Marathon taught me that I must also have it with me during long races.  I had a serious craving for my Nuun during that marathon.  After I crossed the finish line, getting myself some Nuun was my number 1 priority.

I want to share my love for Nuun with you.  That’s why I asked the amazingly awesome folks at Nuun if they would be so kind as to donate some of their products to the Winter 100 Challenge.  I was ecstatic when they offered a sample pack and a super cool Nuun water bottle to one lucky participant in the challenge.

Delicious hydration

Why do I love Nuun?

  • It doesn’t contain sugar.  I really dislike sugary sports drinks.  They make me feel nauseous.  I know some people don’t mind them, but they just don’t work for me.
  • It has a light and refreshing flavor.  I have tried most flavors of Nuun and haven’t met one that I don’t like.  I definitely have my favorites though (lemon-lime, lemon tea, and grape) and my hubby has his (fruit punch, citrus fruit, and orange).
  • Nuun is super easy to use and replenishes your body’s electrolytes while tasting good. What more can you ask for?

The Winter 100 Challenge ends on Wednesday 2/29.  I’ve already received lots of mileage logs.  If you’re ready to send yours, e-mail to to therunningmomblog@gmail.com.  You’ll know by the end of the week if you’ve won one of the amazing prizes!

Have you finished your 100 miles yet?

I took this picture last summer for a post about my favorite hydration products.  It’s one of my favorite pictures because of the adorable mischievous little man in the background:

Little stinker wanted to play with my Nuun tubes


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