Hello there

On Tuesday, as I was huffing and puffing through the first 2 miles of my 6 mile stroller run, a thought kept running through my mind – I really wish I didn’t care so much about my pace.  My comfortable pace is a 10 minute mile, but I don’t want to run a 10 minute [...]

Lessons learned from marathon #3

Rock 'n' Roll USA Marathon

Every race is a learning experience for me – usually because I make a lot of ridiculous mistakes.  The best thing I can do is identify where I went wrong and make sure I don’t do the same thing next time.  For the Rock ‘n’ Roll USA Marathon, I took into account all of the [...]

Race Recap: Rock ‘N Roll USA Marathon

photo 4(3)

Big mistake number 1 happened before the race even started.  Upon arriving in DC on Saturday morning, I realized I forgot something.  I knew I would forget something that I needed to bring with me.  Of course, I had to forget something I really needed: my KT Tape for my knee.  I started to panic [...]

So I’m running a marathon tomorrow!

I cannot believe I am running another marathon tomorrow.  I feel like the Baltimore Marathon was just last week, yet it feels like it was an eternity ago.  On Wednesday, it hit me that I’m running another marathon.  It was like the reality didn’t set in until then.  First, I started hyperventilating mildly freaking out, [...]

A race worth running

On May 6, 2012, I’ll be running 6th half marathon – the Maryland Half Marathon.  The MD half is important to me personally for several reasons.  First, it was my first long distance race since my first marathon in 2006.  Second, the starting line is within walking distance to my house – can’t beat that [...]

15 miles and a stroller

My view for 15 miles

Saturday morning, I was all dressed and set to head out the door for my 15 mile run.  While chatting with hubby, he suggested that maybe I could wait until Sunday for my long run and run with him.  I knew 15 miles with the stroller would be tough, but our training schedules (he’s training [...]

And the winners are…

I had the best day today.  I started my day off with a 10 mile run with Zain in the stroller.  It was in the mid-50s and gorgeous in the morning.  I could have done without the crazy wind we had, but Zain and I both really enjoyed the sunshine.  After our run, we went [...]