A forced watchless run

For Easter, I made one of my favorite desserts that I get in Paris – les tartes aux fruit (fruit tarts, in case you can’t figure that out).¬† My tarts are pretty flippin’ awesome, I must say.¬† The crust is sweet and crunchy.¬† The¬†cr√®me p√Ętissi√®re is like heaven.¬† And the fruit makes you feel a teensy bit less guilty about eating them.

You know you're drooling

While taking the tart crusts out of the oven, I managed to burn my wrist.¬† I’m really talented like that.¬† The spot on my wrist is right next to where I wear my Garmin.¬† So that if I were to run wearing my Garmin, it would inevitably rub on my burn.¬† I know – poor me.

It hurts more than it looks like it would, I promise

Because wearing my watch on my right wrist feels about as comfortable as wearing my running shorts backwards, I opted to go watchless for my run today instead.¬† My last watchless run was sometime soon after the Baltimore Marathon and I remember that it felt great.¬† I promised myself I would go watchless more often, but here I am 6 months later finally doing another watchless run.¬† It was so nice to not obsess over my pace and the distance I’d covered.¬† It didn’t stop me from thinking several times “I wonder what my pace is.¬† I bet it’s really slow.¬† I feel so slow.”¬† I had to tell my brain to shut up a few times.¬† I also kept trying to pause my watch when I had to stop to cross the street, but there was no watch on my wrist.¬† I looked down at my wrist to check my watch no less than 20 times out of habit.

I thought I ran about 5 or 6 miles, but when I mapped it out on Map My Run, I actually ran 6.83.¬† You know what I thought when I saw that? Man, if I had my watch on, I would have known my distance and could have made it an even 7.¬† Le sigh.¬† It’s an obsession!¬† Even so, I had a great run with Zain.¬† He talked to me pretty much non-stop which is always entertaining.

Thank you, tarts, for burning me and thus allowing me to have a peaceful run.  I really am going to make an effort to go watchless more often so that I can allow myself to have a more relaxed run.

Do you run watchless? If so, how often do you do it?


  1. Anne Pistone says

    I try to go watchless at least one a week (ok, ok, maybe every couple weeks). Hi, I’m Anne; I’m addicted to numbers! Anyway, I have been making more of an effort to run by feel and I think it has greatly improved my running and my mental state. Many days I turn the pace field off so I just have the time of day and sometimes distance. (need time of day so I don’t make hubby late for work!). I find that I am less stressed out when I’m not following checking my pace every 10 seconds! I even completed a 20 mile training run WITHOUT watching pace 1.5 weeks ago. It was very liberating!¬†

  2. says

    I’ve been going watchless more since I became pregnant, but I also find I’m not as worried about my pace now that I’m pregnant – I wear it more to see the distance.¬† It’s a nice feeling just listening to my body for a change.

  3. says

    I have just recently started trying to run watchless too, and I have the exact same Garmin! I’m sorry that it was a burn that forced you to have to do it though, ouch! ¬†And those tarts look delicious!

  4. Yo Momma Runs says

    Just barely got a Garmin, so I did a lot of watchless runs last year. Now I can’t go out without it.¬†

  5. says

    Umm care to share your tart recipe?? they look DELISH!!!

    I’m doing more watchless runs lately to make my runs fun and not about pace/time.¬† I know approximately what the distance is and I’m good with that.¬† I’m going to go back to my watch so that I can begin doing interval runs so I don’t put too much pressure on my knees.. great job on your run..

  6. Teresa says

    I don’t have a watch either, but I do have an iPhone.¬† The mapmyrun has an app that will map your run while running and has an option where a lady will tell you your overall time, distance¬†and pace as you run.¬† I love this!¬† This way, I can listen to my music, map my run and know my distance/pace all with one device.¬†

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