Race Recap: Clyde’s 10K

On Sunday morning, I ran my first ever 10K.  For some reason, I am drawn to the longer races – marathons and half marathons.  I have been neglecting the shorter ones.  I’ve only run a handful of 5Ks and never a 10K.  I was pretty stoked for an automatic PR, but I also had another ambitious goal – to maintain a sub-9 minute pace for the entire race.  I knew the course had the reputation of being hilly, but I stuck with my goal anyway.

At least I didn't have to push the stroller up those hills

The starting line was packed and there was no designation for approximate paces.  I lined myself up somewhere in the middle of the 2,000 runners and hoped I was in a good spot.  Turns out most people didn’t try to think out their pace logically in the pack like I did so the first mile involved a whole lot of weaving.

Walking to the starting line

Part 1 of my fan club

And part 2!

My legs felt stiff in the beginning and the first mile was mostly uphill.  I thought about throwing my pace goal out the window.  I kept on trucking, reminding myself it was only a little over 6 miles.  After training for 2 marathons back to back, 6 miles doesn’t seem so bad.

That's me in the pink!

That's me in the pink!

The hills were tough, but I tackled them the best I could and passed quite a few people on each hill.  I was thrilled to see that I was actually maintaining a sub-9 minute splits the whole time.  On the hills, I would see my pace creep back up over 9 so I’d force myself to push a little harder.  For the last mile, I so badly wanted to pull my average pace down into the 7 minute range, but there was yet another hill and it wasn’t happening.  My pace for the last quarter of a mile was 7:01 though!  I’ve never run so hard for a race in my life.  I was glad I made the decision to wear my hydration belt so I didn’t have to bother with stopping at any of the water stations.

This is what running as fast I can looks like

Hubby is an awesome race photographer

My official time was 53:14; an average pace of 8:31 – super fast for me! I don’t know all my finish placement details, but I know I was number 580 out of over 1,700 finishers.  Certainly not a win or anything, but that’s pretty up there for me!

Looking like I'm going to pass out post-race

Super fast!

I found that I really loved the 10K distance.  I definitely want to run more shorter distance races after my next 2 half marathons.  As much as I love distance running, I’m ready for a little break.  Time to focus on shorter distances and faster running!

Time to rehydrate!

After I got home from the race, I went out and ran another 4 miles with Zain in the stroller.  I’ve maintained a streak of running double digits every weekend since the Baltimore Marathon in October and I didn’t want to break it.  I really had to fight to get it done because I was so beat from the race, but I did it!

What’s your favorite race length?


  1. Yo Momma Runs says

    Great race! And you blew your sub-9 goal up! With hills and all. I want to try to do more shorter races this summer in the off season, but I still love the marathon and all that goes into it the months before.

  2. says

    Congrats on your 10k!  Great pace. I haven’t run that distance either and keep thinking I need to find one…of course, those short races are hard because I want to try to run fast which isn’t my strong suit!  

  3. Kathleen D says

    Great race!  Love the shirt too :)

    My personal fav is the 10K – I feel like I can haul tush and I am not ready to die when I’m finished!  I also like a 10 miler here and there too.

  4. says

    Yay!! Great race and way to kick it up at the end. I love a good 10K!

    My favorite distance is definitely the half — but I really enjoyed training for a full (I just didn’t ENJOY the full, if that makes any sense).

  5. Kara says

    Fantastic job on the race! I like the 10K distance too, but they are harder to find than a 5K! It sounds like you have a 5K PR in your near future too :)

  6. Maurice Peterson says

    Great job! I also enjoy a 10k because of it’s challenge. I push to keep a 9 to 10 minute mile, not fast but I’m still relatively new to running and 46 years old. 5k runs are fun, I’ve ran several of those, and I ran 1 marathon last year. You’ve given me an idea on shortening up the miles my morning run routine and push for speed.

  7. says

    Awesome job! I ran a 10K on the weekend and really enjoyed the distance too. I wasn’t fast but I’m also 23 weeks pregnant so it all evens out :)

  8. Misszippy1 says

    Congrats! So glad you got out and tried a new distance. Clyde’s is a great race (not that I’m partial to Striders events or anything). Your plan to do more shorter races is a smart one. They can help you build a lot of speed that carries over to marathons nicely. 

  9. says

    That’s Awesome!!! This is my favorite race and I run it every year!!! Great job!!! my fav distance is the 10 miler.. but clyde’s is my fav 10K although i was a little disappointed at no hot food as in past years.. which reminds me I need to do my race recap!!

    I’ll catch you out there one day and grab a photo at a race since we seem to run many of the same ones.. your pace is faster than mine so definitely pre-race! LOL

    Have a great one!

  10. Gtian says

    while I ran, I took a lot of pictures with my iphone. Since I knew the route already, I didn’t stop at hills, like I did last year. For the last quarter of a mile, I rushed too, about 7 minutes a mile.


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