Stroller Running in the Spring

As a runner, I pay far more attention to the weather than those times in my life when I was a non-runner.  I obsess over the hourly forecast, the percentage chance of precipitation, wind chill, humidity, and other details that can affect how I dress for my run and how I expect to feel during my run.  Not to mention the obsession that ensues as soon as a race day enters the 10 day forecast.  Then it becomes full-blown daily stalking of the forecast.

As a stroller-pushing runner, the weather doesn’t just affect me.  I have to make sure my little passenger is dressed appropriately for whatever weather we will encounter.

Happy to run in any weather as long as his personal assistant dresses him accordingly

Once upon a time, when I ran with my arms freely swinging as a I went – and not pushing a 30lb toddler – I loved running in the spring.  The warmth and sunshine as winter faded always reinvigorated my love for running.  And quite honestly, I used to take a hiatus from running when it got too cold so spring would always be my back-to-running season.

Spring is proving to be my least favorite time as a stroller-pushing runner.  Why? Because one day it’s 80 degrees and the next it’s 50.  I can’t stand the back and forth.  But more than anything, it’s the [insert expletive here] wind that ruins it for me! In the mornings, while Zain eats his breakfast, I stare out the window at the trees behind our house to watch for movement.  Okay, they seem to be holding still.  I assess them again 30 minutes later once Zain is done eating and the branches are waving around wildly.  I check my weather app on my phone (probably my most used app) and see that there are 15 to 25mph winds.  Nooooo!

Stop whining mommy and give me more snacks

Running with the stroller in the wind is my personal hell.  I can’t seem to escape it no matter what direction I run.  And it always manages to be the worst when I’m trying to scale a mountain go up a hill with my 30lbs of cargo.  It’s like I’m not evening moving and I’m just running in place.  It flat out sucks.  Knowing how hard my runs will be some days completely zaps my motivation.

It won’t be long before I’m whining about the humidity and the heat, but for now, my biggest runemy (running + enemy; I know, I’m so clever) is the wind.

What is your biggest runemy? Or maybe runstacle (running + obstacle) Maybe it’s time to stop making up words…


  1. says

    The wind is definitely one of those things that can make me wish I was back home in bed. I “ran” a 5K with my 6 year old this weekend and I swore the wind was going to pick her up and deposit her in a tree somewhere.

    Keep up the blogging!

  2. Kara says

    I’m so with you on the wind hate! Oh man, it is just MISERABLE with the stroller, especially if it’s sunny and you have the canopy down. I’ll cut my run short if it’s windy. :) I also hate running in the rain with the stroller because my kid acts like the weather shield is prison. 

  3. Sarah says

    I am so there with you! I hate the wind! And when you have the weather shield on, it’s like you are running into a brick wall. And trying to dress another human for the wind, when they will just be sitting there, is irritating as welll…I usually put her in jeans, but then I feel like she’s baking in the sun….uhhhh so frustrating….BUT….I know soon I will wish I had some of that wind to cool me off when it’s 102 at 7 in the morning. (I live in Texas lol)

  4. healthystrides says

    It’s not even the wind but trying to figure out how to dress my little guy. I spend just as much time getting him dressed as I do running.

  5. healthystrides says

    It’s not even the wind but trying to figure out how to dress my little guy. I spend just as much time getting him dressed as I do running.

  6. says

    I hadn’t even thought about the wind affecting runs when I begin using my stroller.. *doh* right now my biggest runenemy are hills that aren’t normal.. like STRAIGHT up hill for at least a mile.. they suck 

  7. ejc says

    What is the earliest time you will run with Zain?  I’d like to run before heading to my office in the morning.  My little one is 9 months old and AWAKE by 6:30am.  I feel like it’s too early to take him on the trail. BUT I’d like to get some exercise in as it is impossible to do once I arrive home from a long day of meetings and conference calls.  Would love to hear your thoughts.

    • says

       I don’t think 6:30 is too early, especially now that it is light out earlier in the morning.  My son also wakes up between 6 and 7 (sometimes earlier than 6, yikes!).  As it gets warmer, we’ll be heading out the door pretty much right after he wakes up.  I think heading out that early should be fine for both of you.  Have fun!

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