A new Athleta store is coming!

I am ecstatic to help spread the word that something big is coming to Maryland – an Athleta store! On Thursday, May 31st, Athleta will be opening its newest store in Dulaney Plaza in Towson, MD. I love Athleta, but unfortunately, there aren’t any stores nearby. That hasn’t stopped me from doing some damage on [...]

Summer streaking!

Run streaking that is. I’ve never done a running streak before. Being the injury prone runner that I am, I’ve always shied away from anything that will eliminate the rest days that my legs seem to require. Runner’s World hosted a running streak challenge in December, but unfortunately, I didn’t hear about it until it [...]

A mud race, a tricycle and a tantrum


On Saturday, hubby and 2 of his cousins ran the Warrior Dash in southern Maryland.  This was my third weekend in a row of being a race spectator; I didn’t mind sitting this race out since it meant not getting muddy. It took us about an hour and a half to get to the race [...]

It’s like riding a bike

A return to stroller running means a return to non-stop snacking

If riding a bike is like running and pushing 30lbs of toddler. I haven’t run with Zain in the jogging stroller since before the Iron Girl Half Marathon.  Between having to take time off to let my foot/ankle heal and then making a slow return to running, I’ve been avoiding the extra resistance on my [...]

Back to it!

KT Tape Pro = amazingness

Disclaimer: if you’ve had any kind of injury or other health problem that has kept you from running for 6-8 weeks or longer, I’m sorry that I’m being a whiny brat about a 1 week break from running. First of all, I have to say – do as I say, not as I do.  I [...]

Maryland Half Marathon

These guys are so fast, their feet don't even touch the ground

This is not a race recap.  It’s a spectator recap. I decided to be smart and not run the race given my foot pain.  I’m 99% sure that what I have is peroneal tendonitis.  The peroneal tendons run from the bottom of the outer foot up behind the ankle bone.  My pain started in my [...]


photo 1(11)

I’m no stranger to running injuries.  I dealt with some weird ones while I trained for the Marine Corps Marathon.  I say “weird” because my doctor couldn’t really put a name to my injury.  Basically, I had really terrible arch pain when I ran and in the end, I needed more arch support in my [...]