A mud race, a tricycle and a tantrum

On Saturday, hubby and 2 of his cousins ran the Warrior Dash in southern Maryland.  This was my third weekend in a row of being a race spectator; I didn’t mind sitting this race out since it meant not getting muddy.

It took us about an hour and a half to get to the race which takes place on a Motorcross course.  Zain enjoyed the relaxing ride through the rural roads of southern Maryland.

IMG 3493

Just chillin'

As we walked to the starting area, we saw the muddy runners coming up the hill.

IMG 1534

What really caught my eye though was the number of porta-pots.  I wish all races had that many!

IMG 1535

There are so many of them!

Unfortunately, this race wasn’t ideal for spectators.  After crossing the starting line, the runners headed into the woods and we didn’t see them again until they came back out to head to the finish line.  Zain and I still had fun watching the runners while we waiting for hubby and his cousins to head back to the finish.

IMG 1538

IMG 1547

Off they go into the unknown

IMG 3505

Zain doesn't look like he approves of this race

We spotted the boys coming down the hill and I manage to capture some pictures of the fire jumping and mud crawling.

IMG 3512


IMG 1565

IMG 1570

He appears to be enjoying this more than I'd expect him to

IMG 1573

It kind of looks like he didn't want to get out of the mud

When the runners come down the hill to jump over the fire, they’re still relatively clean.  Obviously, the mud pit really does them in.  No worries though.  They had pool water trucks with hoses to rinse off the runners.

IMG 1582

Before and after pictures of the guys:

IMG 3504


IMG 3517


IMG 1579

I managed to get a little muddy myself just by walking around.  I know, poor me.  Flip flops were not a good choice.

IMG 1583

Zain enjoyed a nice little snooze on the drive home.  Watching races is tough work.

IMG 3528

On Sunday, Zain got to test out his new bike! We got him this awesome tricycle for his birthday, but we hadn’t assembled until this past weekend.  It can be used for kids ages 9 months to 5 years with it’s different configurations so he’ll be able to use it for a couple more years.  I had just gotten back from my long run (finally back to double digits with a 10 mile run, wahoo!) when he and hubby were about to take the bike for a spin.

IMG 1591

In case you hadn't noticed from my race/running pictures all over this blog, I really like my Another Mother Runner shirt

IMG 1593

Mommy, I don't think Lance Armstrong wears a seat belt when he's on his bike

IMG 1599

IMG 3539

He LOVES his bike.  He kept saying “ride a bike! ride a bike!” He didn’t quite get the peddling part down so the parent handle is pretty nifty.  Yesterday, he kept asking me to “ride a bike?” but it rained all day.  I think we have a little cyclist on our hands.

Sunday afternoon, we went into Baltimore where Zain had a blast looking at all the boats.  He was fascinated by the water which led to a tantrum because we wouldn’t let him play with the bubbles floating in the Inner Harbor.  Poor kid has such terrible parents!

Here are some pictures from when he was still happy:

IMG 1608

IMG 1614

IMG 1616




  1. Kara says

    Your weekend sounds so fun and so exhausting at the same time. :) The next time you drive all the way down here, we should run together!

  2. Rose Asrican says

    I just bought that same AMR shirt over the weekend at their expo in NC! It is really a great shirt!

  3. says

    awwww…. I guess being upset about bubbles isn’t as bad as the countless other things one can be upset about. Looks like a busy, but SUCCESSFUL weekend with the family. Cheers.

  4. Roselyn Phillips says

    I ran the Warrior Dash in MD too!  I love reading your blog…you always run the same races I do. :)

  5. says

    Does he still like the ergo? I didnt have an ergo with my first but i do with my second. She is 9 months old now and Im thinking of moving her around to my back to see if she liked it but didnt know if it was too early. Those mud runs look like SO much fun, as long as there are places to rinse off! Once it dries, it would freak me out!

    • says

      He loves it! He likes it much better than the stroller when we’re out since he can see everything.  Sometimes he gets antsy and wants to walk, but most of the time he loves it.  I’ve been wearing him for his whole little life so I guess he’s used to it.  I think I started wearing him on my back when he was about 9 or so months.  It took me a while to get comfortable with tossing him back there, but now I’m a pro :).

  6. Keiva Jennings says

    That sounds like an awesome weekend! Congratulations to your hubby and his cousins on finishing the race! And Zain is super cute. Love how he sleeps with his hands behind his head like an old man. ahaha! Cool photos of the race!

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