It’s like riding a bike

If riding a bike is like running and pushing 30lbs of toddler.

I haven’t run with Zain in the jogging stroller since before the Iron Girl Half Marathon.  Between having to take time off to let my foot/ankle heal and then making a slow return to running, I’ve been avoiding the extra resistance on my runs for 3 weeks now by running outside alone or on the treadmill.  I was nervous about taking Zain out in the stroller today because I was afraid I’d lost all my stroller running skills.

I’m happy to report I made it through 6 slow pain-free miles.  I didn’t lose my stroller running strength.  I figured I’d have to walk most of the hills, but I didn’t need to.  I just walked one big one in the middle of the run and powered through the rest.  Zain was happy as can be to be out for a run again, especially because there is some new construction going on along our route.  That meant he got to see lots of backhoes – to him every type of construction equipment is a backhoe (not that I know the difference myself).  He had to say “hi backhoe!” to all of them.

Another cute thing he noticed was that in front of an office building we run past, they put new flowers in their big flower pots.  There used to be yellow flowers and now, there are red ones.  Zain kept saying “where go? where yellow?” Of course, yellow is pronounced “yeh-yo.”  He’s so entertaining and I missed his company on my runs, even though I didn’t miss the added resistance!

A return to stroller running means a return to non-stop snacking

Over the weekend, I was supposed to run a 5K.  It was another race in our neighborhood which is obviously quite convenient.  I ended up deciding not to run it to be on the safe side with my foot so I gave my bib to hubby.  It was pretty small race that benefited the music department at the local high school.  Hubby did awesome, finishing in 25:40.  The winner was a high school cross-country student that finished in 16:30.  Crazy fast!

I definitely could have run it since I was able to go for a nice 7 mile run on Sunday, but I wanted to actually try to race it, not just finish it.  I don’t think I’m ready to push myself yet since I’m just getting over my injury.

Hubby headed to the finish line

Zain and I are becoming experts at spectating

This weekend, hubby will be doing the Warrior Dash (a mud race with obstacles).  I was supposed to do this one as well, but I’m still trying to “take it easy” and I don’t think crawling on the ground and climbing over walls is the best idea.  I look forward to more spectating though!

Happy running!


  1. Kara says

    Oh, you’re coming down to my area for the Warrior Dash! It’s like 30 minutes from my house, you could totally stalk me. :)

    I’m glad to hear that you’re back and running pain free! I think you could do the Warrior Dash no problem. I did it last year and it’s really not that much of a challenge for someone who is sober and runs regularly. :)

  2. says

    Wow, that high school kid was fast. He’s gonna regret that when he’s 35 and can’t PR anymore. :) Love the picture of you and your little boy spectating. So cute!

  3. says

    Love the pics! 

    Zain is getting big. Soon you’ll have to check out the local track for runs or even the dreaded run around the soccer field while little guy plays. (My daughters hate it when I do that- they’re so embarrassed. Cracks me up every time!)

  4. says

    In this article the kids have win the cycle and they are enjoying.When people gives the bike for their children they feel happy and in your article kids can learn the riding.I have a kid and i will learning riding to my children.I am agree with it.Thanks for sharing this article!!!

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