Still streaking

Today will be day 24 of my running streak. It’s hard to believe it’s more than halfway over. I’ve really enjoyed the extra motivation to get in at least a mile everyday since I started.

Thankfully, I’ve remained injury-free. If I do feel like my body needs a break, I just make it a very easy one mile day and that’s usually enough of a rest. The biggest drawback to a running streak I’ve found is more laundry to do!

In addition to my streak, I’m enjoying a break from race training. I love having races on my schedule to keep me motivated, but I feel like I was in constant training mode for a year and a half and it’s nice to run just to run, not because I have to. That being said, the excitement of hearing about other runners starting marathon training now for the fall does give me a little race itch. I won’t be doing a fall marathon, but I’ll probably add a shorter distance race to my schedule at some point soon.

Do you like to always have a race to look forward to or do you prefer the freedom of running without a training schedule? I like both. When I’m training for a race, I sometimes long for that freedom, but without a race to train for, I miss my schedule!

Is anyone else streaking? How is it going for you?


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    Not streaking. I’m training for my first triathlon which scares the heck out of me and I’m getting started on full blown marathon training now too.

    Keep streaking! You’re doing great. I do love the break from training as well. Sometimes I love to run just for the sake of running and to go as fast or slow as I feel like.

    Keep blogging. Your posts always keep me motivated to keep running

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    Congrats on keeping it going! You’re clearly going to make it at this point.

    I’m like you–I like a little bit of both types of training; specific to races and loosey goosey as well. 

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    Congrats on your streak! 

    I’m streaking too!  I am finding I really enjoy it and might continue with this daily running thing. I don’t really use races to motivate me, but I do local 5K’s as they come up. They are the kind of thing you just train through, so no planning involved. I think planning for a big race would stress me out, and I run to reduce stress, not create it!

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