I have so much knowledge now

Over the weekend, I took the RRCA running coach certification course.  It was an awesome course and I learned SO much.  I feel like I learned everything I’ve been doing wrong in my own running and a lot that I can do to improve in the future.

I want to take all my new knowledge and work out a killer new training plan so that I can go dominate a race.  Well, I can’t really do that right now being pregnant and all, but my wheels are already turning thinking about what I can do in 2013.  I was so excited that I started mapping out a training schedule for myself for after the baby is born.  Then I gave myself a reality check and remembered that I don’t know how long my recovery time will be (I had an emergency c-section with Zain and I don’t know if I’ll need a repeat c-section this time).  Plus, I’m going to need to ease back into running anyway.  So maybe my killer training plan will wait until the second half of 2013.

In the meantime, once I’m certified (have to pass the test first!), I’ll be accepting applications for those of you interested in being my little science experiments and letting me coach you.  I’ll be offering free coaching to start.  FREE?! Yes, free.  Just because I took this course doesn’t make me an expert so I plan to offer free coaching on a limited basis until I have a little more experience under my hydration belt.

My fellow participants in the course had a wide range of running backgrounds – from brand new runners to those training for their 1st marathon to ultramarathoners and one crazy awesome woman who had run 90 marathons.  It was great to have all that experience in the room.  Plus, our instructors had impressive running backgrounds of their own.

During the course, a lot of the examples we discussed related to FAST runners.  I don’t mean 7 minute milers, I mean like 4-5 minute/mile runners.  I obviously have no experience in that arena.  While it was really interesting to talk about the type of training fast runners do, I don’t think I’ll be coaching anyone that fast.  So if you have dreams of going to the Olympics, I am very sorry to say that I will not be the coach for you :).

I’m really excited to get my coaching started so stay tuned and keep your fingers crossed that I pass the exam!


  1. Courtney says

    that is awesome you got to take that class. I have been trying to get into one for over a year and trying to host for 6 months….it’s impossible! Good luck to you!!

  2. says

    I want to become RRCA certified too. How cool to go through that course. I bet you will make a GREAT coach. I would hire you. ;) 

  3. Kara975 says

    I’d be willing to be a guinea pig for you. :) You could help me train for my post baby 100K that I’m eyeing. :)

  4. Hubby says

    Uh oh…the last thing we need is another know-it-all in the house. Proud of you love way to take the initiative, you didn’t need some fancy certification to be my coach :)

  5. Sarah says

    I would love to be a guinea pig as well! I’ll be training for my first half this fall! The Half is in March, but I gave myself plenty of time to train! lol :) Good Luck on the test! I’m sure you will do great! :)

  6. says

    I’d be willing to be another science experiment! :)  Its funny you should mention that course… I was looking it over and thinking maybe one day I would take it myself… but the cost is a little off-putting at least at this time.  Good luck on the test!

  7. Anne Pistone says

    Good luck on the test, Kristen! I’d love to take the course someday :) can’t wait to follow your coaching start-up!

  8. Jeanniemgilbert says

    Exciting! I just took the course too in Oregon on June 30th and about to compete the test. Was trying to get through the Lake Stevens 70.3 first before I tackled reviewing the materials and finalizing my test answers. Good luck!

  9. Amyg2204 says

    Once you start coaching would be great to see a coaching plan made with stroller pushing in mind.  I end up pushing a stroller on some of the “easy” days on my schedule, but surely the paces suggested for easy run days on standard coaching sheets don’t intend for you to run that pace while pushing a 30lb toddler.  I never know how to adjust standard plans that you can use online based on your last race time for running with kids.  

    • says

       I like that idea! I never adjusted distances based on running with the stroller, but the pace is a different story.  If your schedule says “easy” pace for that day, I say to ignore whatever number that pace is.  Go by how you feel and run at the easiest pace possible while pushing your little 30 pounder :). 

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