I’m going to jinx it

Up until the past week, I cannot remember the last time I had a good run. I’ve had some mediocre runs in the past 2 months since I found out I was pregnant, but I haven’t had any where I actually feel great the whole time I’m running.

So why do I keep running if I feel like crap the whole time? Because I might feel awful/tired/nauseous/sluggish while I’m running, but when I’m done, I feel better. I have more energy to get through the day.

Over the weekend, I finally had 2 really good runs. They were good because even though it was getting hot, I could still breathe easily and I needed fewer walking breaks. Because I felt better physically, my mental motivation increased. Now, I’m looking forward to running again instead of dreading it because I know it will be so hard.

The last day of my streak is supposed to be tomorrow. I think I’m going to keep it going, but with just walking on my one mile days. As I already mentioned, I didn’t run while pregnant with Zain. I started off my pregnancy walking everyday, but stopped when I had spotting in the first trimester. I know the spotting wasn’t caused by walking but it made me nervous to do too much activity.

I want to feel better during this pregnancy, both physically and mentally, and running is already helping me do so. Before my pregnancy with Zain, I weighed 20lbs more than I do now. It was a combination of happily married weight followed by emotional eating and hormonal changes after 2 miscarriages. I also gained a bit more weight than I needed to while pregnant. While in prepared to get bigger this time around, I want to be and feel healthier in doing so.

So there you have it – still streaking and finally some better runs. Of course, now that I said it “out loud,” I’m going to jinx it and my next run will suck.

Happy running!

A picture from our run on Sunday. Zain enjoyed it so much that he took a little snooze. He doesn’t look too comfortable!



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    lol @ Zain’s photo… but that nap looks like it’s a good one. You’re doing so great! Get through the run streak then play it by ear. I’m in awe of your ability and determination during this mini-heatwave! 

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    Porbably the first trimester is the hardest with fatigue. Hopefully you will have a few weeks/months before your belly makes it hard!

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    YAY! I’m keeping up the streak as well! Just blogged about it a few days ago! I’m trying to go until Labor Day, just walking on days that I don’t run. So exciting to have another pregnant buddy who is continuing!

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    I am currently 24 weeks pregnant with #3, but this is the first pregnancy I continued running. I ran a 10K at 6 weeks pregnant and felt great, but after that for a long time it wasn’t any fun.  I felt like I was putting out so much effort to get so little in return.  It’s hit and miss now.  Some runs feel great and some not so much.  But I’m always happier when I run.

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