Our trip to Hawaii was perfect.  I won’t bore you with too many words because the pictures are more exciting anyway.

We did a lot of playing on the beach which Zain LOVED.

Ooh, sand!

A bucket and shovel are necessary beach items

Hubby had just as much fun as Zain

He might have even had more fun than Zain

We ate a lot of yummy treats:

Chocolate souffle at Roy’s

Malasadas – Hawaiian donuts…much better than regular donuts

We went to a luau:

Family pic at the luau

Zain loved it!

We all got tattoos at the luau:

Getting my first tattoo

Zain got a dolphin tattoo

Then we got to see some guys throwing fire around

We went for a really nice, really early, family run on our first full day – 8 miles starting at 4:30am (thank you, jet lag for helping us beat the heat).  I only ran one other time after that and had to take the rest of vacation off thanks to some pretty bad ankle pain.  More on that later.

We did do a lot of walking though.  Here is Zain parked in the spot at the resort where hubby proposed a little over 5 years ago:

What’s so special about this place anyway, mom?

Oh ok, I get it. Cheers! Let’s celebrate.

We traveled around Oahu a bit and took a walk up to the Waihi waterfall in Waimea Valley:

A nice paved path for a “hike” is a bonus

Hubby looks a little overly excited

Zain says he’s just scratching his nose, not picking it

After that “grueling” hike (3/4 of a mile each way), Zain got to try his first popsicle – a delicious homemade chocolate popsicle!

We did a lot more playing on the beach with this cutie pie:

I love that face

Zain learned how to rinse the sand off his feet

After a fun week at our resort in Ko Olina, we went to Waikiki for 5 days.  Waikiki is a fun place with lots of shopping and restaurants, but we discovered that it wasn’t quite as family friendly.  Most of the people are there to party and shop since it’s known for it’s nightlife and shopping.  We still had fun though!

We continued to eat lots of delicious food.  The desserts were the best part:

Mud pie

Some kind of ice cream sandwich that had brownies on the outside

We did a lot of walking around Waikiki.  At 20 weeks pregnant, I somehow managed to still wear Zain on my back:

It does give my belly a lovely frumpy look though

I passed along some of the babywearing duties to hubby because Waikiki wasn’t as easy to navigate with the stroller

The beach in Waikiki was nice, but not nearly as nice as the beach at Ko Olina.  It was pretty crowded and didn’t feel quite as safe for Zain to play so we only went once.

Zain was not impressed…I bet you’re impressed by my shorts tan though

We spent some more time exploring the island:

Me and my boy with a gorgeous view

My handsome men

Zain sandwich

He cannot escape our smooches

Zain spent some time running around at the park like a crazy person

We went to the Honolulu Zoo:

It was conveniently located right next to our hotel!

It was a fairly small zoo, but it still had a lot of Zain’s favorite animals


Zain enjoyed the reading lights on the beds in our hotel room:

Troublemaker in action

Since the beach wasn’t super exciting in Waikiki, we went back to the beach in Ko Olina.  You just can’t beat this:

The lagoon was so perfect for Zain to play in – no waves, not too deep, and full of fishies

I consider it a huge accomplishment that none of us got even a spot of sunburn…lots of sunscreen application breaks!

Love my boys


A crab

Having fun in the water looking for fish and crabs

Zain sandwich in the water

A perfect day on the beach with my boys

Me and my little man

Chasing after birds on the beach is fun too

On our last night in Waikiki, we walked around some more and had a delicious dinner at the Hula Grill:

Zain rode on hubby’s back, but he wanted to hold my hand while we walked…such a sweet boy :)

My handsome men at our last dinner

We had such as fantastic time in Hawaii, as we do every time we go.  Coming from home from Hawaii is harder than any other place I’ve been because it’s such a unique place.  It’s absolutely gorgeous and it also has a lot of interesting history and culture.  If only it wasn’t so far away! Zain did really well on our flights there and back.  He had a little bit of a hard time during the last part of our flight back into Baltimore because he couldn’t get comfy while he was trying to sleep.  Other than that, he was a stellar travel buddy!

In case you missed my last post, be sure to check out our big news!

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Looks like I’m going to be outnumbered…

I need to update you all on our amazing trip to Hawaii, but first I have some very exciting news to share.  We found out this morning that we’re having another little BOY! We could not be more excited.  Having a little boy has been so much fun so far and we can’t wait to have another one.  Zain is going to be an awesome big brother.  We’ve already talked to him about sharing his trucks, cars, planes, and choo choos with his little brother…he’s not so sure about that yet :) .

Even more importantly, our newest little boy looks healthy and perfect.  We can’t wait to meet him in January! I happen to think Zain is the cutest little boy ever so I’m certain his little bro will be just as adorable :) .

Post to come soon about our trip to Hawaii! In the meantime, here’s how the belly is growing:

19 weeks!

20 weeks!

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On Friday…

…I will be here:

Beautiful Oahu

That is if we survive nearly 12 hours of travel time with a 2.5 year old.  Please pray for us (and those that have to endure being on flights with us)!

The last time we were in Hawaii was 2 years ago and Zain looked like this:

7 months old and still all chubby and squishy

Look at those squishy cheeks! Seven months old and still all chubby

He’s going to have so much fun this time running around on the beach and swimming in the ocean and pool.  We’re bringing our jogging stroller with us this time because I really regretted not bringing it last time.  With the 6 hour time difference, Zain would wake up at an insanely early hour every day and I wished I had the stroller to take him running since we weren’t sleeping.  Lesson learned!

Hopefully I’ll be able to update while I’m away with some pictures of our vacation in paradise!

Happy running!


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