Looks like I’m going to be outnumbered…

I need to update you all on our amazing trip to Hawaii, but first I have some very exciting news to share.  We found out this morning that we’re having another little BOY! We could not be more excited.  Having a little boy has been so much fun so far and we can’t wait to have another one.  Zain is going to be an awesome big brother.  We’ve already talked to him about sharing his trucks, cars, planes, and choo choos with his little brother…he’s not so sure about that yet :).

Even more importantly, our newest little boy looks healthy and perfect.  We can’t wait to meet him in January! I happen to think Zain is the cutest little boy ever so I’m certain his little bro will be just as adorable :).

Post to come soon about our trip to Hawaii! In the meantime, here’s how the belly is growing:

19 weeks!

20 weeks!


  1. Karen says

    Congrats! I am sure a second little boy will be awesome. And I’m sure Zain will learn to share his toys, well, maybe not. :)

  2. says

    Congrats!!! Boys are SOOOOO fun! I admit, I was a little heartbroken that B wasn’t going to have a little brother to boss around when we found out Livie was indeed a girl. I have two brothers — and there is just something about their connection that I will never get!

    Can’t wait to hear about Hawaii!! Also – you look great!


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