Zipfizz Product Review and Giveaway

Disclaimer: This is the worst product review ever.  I can’t actually review Zipfizz because their label does say that it is not recommended for pregnant women.  Given that I’m pregnant, I can’t actually try the yummy looking flavors they sent to me to test out.

Zipfizz awesomeness

Anyway, I’ll still fill you in on the awesomeness that is Zipfizz.  Here is what they have to say about their product on their website:

Zipfizz is an all-natural, great tasting energy drink-mix powder
that delivers a powerful charge of micronutrients to the body’s fuel
system. It contains no ephedra or other artificial stimulants. Most
people experience an immediate, revitalizing burst of energy after
taking Zipfizz.

Zipfizz is healthy energy in a tube! Give your body a rush of
vitamins, minerals and key amino acids to protect the immune
system. Zipfizz has created an advanced formula that provides a significant amount of vitamins, fewer calories, lower carbohydrates,
superior taste, variety and unique packaging! Simply put, it’s
different because it’s good for you!

Use Zipfizz as a morning or afternoon pick-me-up, or enhance
your training by taking it before, during, or after a hard workout.
Because Zipfizz contains no sugar, users will experience an
increased energy level for up to 4 – 6 hours with out the sudden
“crash” associated with other energy drinks.

Sounds good to me! I’ve heard great things about Zipfizz from other bloggers and Twitter friends.  In a couple months, I’ll actually try out their products and let you know what I think.  I’m willing to bet as a mom of 2, I’ll have glowing reviews for anything that will give me energy to get through the day.

The spread

Someone was very interested in the colorful containers

In the meantime, I’m going to give away the wonderful sample pack that Zipfizz sent me.  Someone else should get to reap the benefits of this energy booster! You will get this wonderful BPA-free water bottle, plus a tube of each of their flavors.

Loaded with all kinds of good stuff

I won’t make you jump through 5,000 hoops to enter this giveaway, simply post a comment and tell me why you need an energy boost and you’re entered! This giveaway will end on September 14, 2012 at 9am EST at which time I will chose a winner from the comment section using and announce it on my blog.

Also be sure to:

This could be yours!

Happy running!

Note: Zipfizz sent me their product to review, but all opinions expressed are my own.  Giveaway is limited to US residents.


  1. EliseMarie01 says

    I am a new mommy who is working full time and trying to get back into my running routine after a year off! I need any extra energy I can get!

  2. Chelleybean says

    I have a 3yr old, a 2yr old and now a 3wk old! Sleep? Energy (when I need it)? An energy boost would be fantasmic!! :D

  3. Jessica says

    First half in 6 weeks and going back to work after four years next week. Oh, and I’m a mom ;-) We ALL need more energy…

  4. Helen says

    Because I have 3 kids (the hubby being the oldest), I NEED to run, make weekly out of town trips to tennis matches, get to football practices/games, make almost daily trips to Walmart for ‘hey Mom, next time you go to the store’ stuff – oh yeah, and maybe the extra energy will help me get the house clean or water my half-dead outdoor plants!

  5. says

    I run after work or early in the morning and an extra burst of energy is always a good thing! I bought a few of these at an expo a couple of months back and I’ve really liked them!

  6. Carolyn says

    I have an 11 year old and a 2 year old – i run at 9:30pm when all my chores are done. I usually make coffee at 5 just to get through the evening – would love to try a healthier way to keep going. I think that just by definition being a Mom means you need the extra energy!

  7. Kacie Miller says

    I would LOVE an energy boost! I have a one year old, work with junior high kids(a reason all in itself), and I am a coach’s wife that spends many nights handling everything myself!

  8. Scarlett says

    I need an energy boost because I have three boys that have tons of energy and eventually suck the life right out of me!

  9. Seth Tabor says

    Would love to try ZipFizz. I often feel like I need a boost. As a 37 year old working Dad of 2, exhaustion is often. I need a boost everyday and again when I run. Always looking for new better healthier ways t get that boost. Good luck with your pregnancy.


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