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There are a lot of things they never tell you about pregnancy, or the whole labor and delivery process (Kara‘s usually good about sharing those fun facts :)), that can come as a surprise when you first experience them.  One thing many people may not know is that laying on your back too long while pregnant can make you pass out.  Pardon me while I get very technical with some medical terms – so there’s some kind of blood vessel thingy that runs behind the uterus and when compressed for too long, it can start to cut off the blood flow.

As pregnant women get bigger, they reach a point where laying on their back is uncomfortable, partially for this reason. I only remember having it happen once with my pregnancy with Zain. My first experience this time with nearly passing out this time came from another trip to the chiropractor.  Usually, I’m sitting up, laying on one of my sides or just laying on my back for a short amount of time.  Today, I was on my back longer because I’m still having pain in my ankle and he worked on that tendon for a longer amount of time.  After a while, I started to feel like my head was swimming and I was inching closer to passing out.  The feeling came on kind of suddenly so when I felt it, I told him I needed to sit up.  I felt better after a few minutes once the blood was flowing again. Pregnancy has so many fun surprises.

After I went for a little run/walk last Thursday, I had a lot more ankle pain. Obviously, my body isn’t ready for running right now so it’s back to just walking. I think I’m starting to feel a little improvement, but the pain and tightness is definitely still there. It sucked that the run caused so much pain because it sure felt amazing while I was doing it (aside from the ankle, of course).  Since I’m still having pain in that area, he really worked on the tendon today. It better start cooperating soon! He has been doing ART (Active Release Technique) and this week, he started doing the Graston technique as well. With the Graston technique, he uses a metal tool to help break apart scar tissue along the tendon. Fun stuff, right? Whatever he did today seemed to really make a difference. I’ve still had a few twinges of the pain and tightness, but it’s noticeably better. I’m taking that as a good sign. Today is my birthday so having less pain is a nice little gift :).

He also told me to use my foam roller at home. I’ve been trying to do that when I can. Sometimes a little thief steals my foam roller though. While I’m rolling on it, he’ll try to come take it and say “No, I have it. Mine. Go mama! Go!”

Let me show you how it’s done, mama

I’m happy that I’m at least able to go for walks now with less pain. When I started my break from running, I couldn’t even handle going for longer walks without pain. I like to wear my running clothes and shoes for my walks. It makes it feel more like I’m doing some kind of real exercise. And I like to be prepared in the event that a miracle happens and my pain vanishes so I can start running at any second. A girl can dream. The problem with wearing my running clothes is that they don’t exactly fit. It has been pretty chilly in the mornings when I walk and trying to wear last winter’s running outfits is just plain comical. When I wore this yesterday, I felt like I had to keep pulling my shirt down to keep the belly from trying to escape.

Beware of the escaping belly at 27 weeks

My other problem with my walks is that walking is really boring. My mom is reading this and saying, “but I like walking!” I’m sorry, but as a runner, I find walking by itself insanely boring. Walking as a break during a run is different and something I have no problem doing. Going for a walk for 2-3 miles or more is SO boring. On Sunday, I went for a short walk and it was drizzling outside. Running is the rain is one of my favorite things to do – it’s refreshing and exhilarating. Walking in the rain felt ridiculous.

I’m beginning to accept that I might not be running much, if at all, for the rest of this pregnancy. It sucks, but what can you do? I’m afraid that by the time my ankle is really healed, I’m going to be huge anyway and running won’t be as comfortable, especially since I haven’t been able to keep at it all along. Only time will tell!

Happy running (and walking)! :)


  1. Kara says

    You’re going to need to hit up Ross or Marshalls for some cheap winter workout gear in a bigger size :)

    I like listening to podcasts when I walk. I just put one ear bud in so I can still hear toddler questions. :)

  2. says

    When I had to start walking when I was pregnant, I listened to audiobooks that I was able to download through my library. It made somewhat less painful (mentally, that is) and allowed me to go farther (again, mentally). I also lucked out that some of my race shirts were unisex and fit over the growing belly. Hang in there and keep moving!

  3. Suzanne says

    You look great! I hope you are able to keep up the activity during the rest of the pregnancy even if running is out of the question.

  4. Anne says

    I agree with previous commenters, podcasts are the way to go. Earlier this year I had to stop running at 28 weeks and the another mother runner podcasts made walking less boring :)

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