Test run postponed

After my appointment with the sports massage therapist a week and half ago, I was supposed to spend a week doing my strength exercises then go for a test run last Friday.  Unfortunately, I was still feeling that nagging soreness in my ankle, right behind the inside of my ankle bone.  I decided I should try to be smart for once in my life and not bother with the test run that would inevitably cause me more pain.

So onto a new plan.  I’m going to see a sports medicine chiropractor on Wednesday and hopefully he can work some magic or at least give me some ideas on how to get over this really annoying problem.  I’m frustrated that taking such a long break from running hasn’t made a difference so far.  Le sigh.  We shall see.

On the baby bump front, I am now a little over 26 weeks along.  Up until a few weeks ago, the baby’s movement felt more like weird random poking and popping around in there, but now I’m starting to feel more little body parts sticking out of my belly.  It still catches me off guard.  When I was pregnant with Zain, I had an anterior placenta – meaning the placenta was in the front of my belly.  Even though I felt a lot of movement with him, it was a little more muffled.  This time, my placenta is at the top of my uterus so I feel the baby’s movements more clearly.  It’s been really cool to feel and see his little limbs poking out.

We still haven’t done anything to actually prepare for little man #2, but I don’t really feel like there’s much to do anyway.  We’re lucky to already have all the clothes we need for all the right seasons since I’m due in January which is when Zain was born too.  I think we’re a lot more relaxed this time around too since we know now that babies don’t need 5 million things when they’re born – they really just need some comfy clothes, to eat and to get lots of snuggles with mommy and daddy.  I guess they also need a name, huh? That one will take us until the day he’s born to figure out.  Perhaps I need to do a blog baby naming contest? I’m only half joking.  Suggestions for boy names that are as cool as the name Zain are surely welcome :).

Hopefully I’ll have a happy update about the future of my ankle and pregnant running on Wednesday!

Happy running!



  1. says

    Wow – you’re already 26 weeks? Time goes by so fast! Ugh on the ankle – hope you get some relief soon. I was much more relaxed the 2nd time when it came to planning everything. The name part was the hardest though! Good luck deciding.

  2. Kara says

    Zain is a pretty cool name, it will be hard to top that :) We didn’t even talk about boy names, so I can’t even give you my “extras” haha.

  3. Karen says

    It is amazing how much more relaxed you are with baby #2. You realize that they aren’t as breakable as you thought and hey, you kept the first one alive. :)

    As to boy’s names- well I stink at that. My husband and I could never agree on a boy’s name. Good thing we had 2 girls!

    Good luck!

  4. Michelle Lewis says

    Hope you don’t mind late name suggestions — the Baby Name Wizard site suggests Corban, Xander, and Riley as possible sibling names for Zain. They also suggest Etien — which is extremely French — but I thought that might appeal to you.

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