“Race” Recap: Turkey Trot 5K & Shower Pill Review

On Thanksgiving morning, hubby, Zain and I made the long quarter of a mile trek to the meeting spot of our neighborhood informal Turkey Trot 5K.  Since I assumed we’d just be walking, I figured, why not sip some hot coffee along the way?

Turkey Trot beverages

When we arrived at the starting area, I was really impressed by the turnout.  Last year, there were about 50 people and this year, there were at least 100.  Our neighborhood has grown in the past year, but there are also a lot of new runners and walkers.  I love how active our community is.

When the race started, we stuck to the back of the pack.  I didn’t really like being all the way in the back so I told hubby that we should try to run a little.  I really surprised myself by how good I felt so we ended up running most of the race.  We took some walking breaks, mostly on the hills.  I must admit that there is quite a bit of satisfaction that comes from passing others runners at 33.5 weeks pregnant.  Too bad I wasn’t pushing the stroller too to make me look extra awesome – I left that task to hubby.

Running buddies

Our finish time was 37:05 – not bad considering I haven’t been running consistently for weeks.  My ankle felt okay during the race.  It was a little sore and tight, but not terrible.  Even though the race went well, I’m not going to go back to running at this point.  Between the tendonitis and being hugely pregnant, running doesn’t feel natural anymore.  I’ll stick to just walking until after baby boy #2 makes his appearance.

I did it!

Zain was so good for the race.  He had one little request after it was over – a trip to the playground!


He even went down the slide all by himself.  Up until that morning, he never wanted to go alone so we’d always have to go with him.  It was a big day!


After the race and some playground time, we had a big day ahead of us.  I had some pies to bake and 13lbs of sweet potatoes waiting to be peeled and cooked.  With so much to get done, I didn’t have time to shower right after the race.  I know, I’m so gross.  The generous folks at Shower Pill were kind enough to send me some of their athletic body wipes to review.  The wipes have been sitting on my desk waiting for the right occasion to test them out and it turned out that Thanksgiving was the perfect day.  No one wants their pie maker and sweet potato preparer to be all sweaty while cooking and baking.

Shower Pill body wipes ready to go!

I worked up more of a sweat than I thought I would during the race so I was glad to have these on hand.  Here were my impressions:

  • The wipes are quite generously sized and also very thick.
  • They have a nice refreshing scent.
  • They are very moist so they actually make you feel like you took a mini shower after using them.

Shower Pill size

Observe the thickness

I really liked the Shower Pill wipe.  I could see how they’d be really handy after doing my long runs with a training group where I had to get in the car and drive home afterward.  It would be really convenient to keep some wipes in the car and be able to get off that lovely salty crustiness that sits on your skin after a long run.  The great thing about the Shower Pill body wipes is that they actually kill 99.9% of germs – that makes them more effective than the baby wipe method after a workout.

Shower Pill facts

Thanks to Shower Pill, I was able to get all my Thanksgiving goodies ready for dinner.  I still had to take a real shower before the big family dinner because there’s one thing that no wipe can do – get rid of the sweaty hair.  A real shower is a must for that!

Cherry pie

Chocolate pecan pie – my favorite!

Pecan pie

Sweet potatoes!

To learn more about Shower Pill:

Check out their website: www.showerpill.com

Follow them on Twitter and Facebook

Buy 2 and get 25% off when you buy Shower Pill body wipes on Amazon with code” STAYFRSH”

Disclaimer: Shower Pill was kind enough to send me their athletic body wipes to review; all opinions expressed are my own.



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