Painting, baking and running

It’s almost baby time! I’m 37.5 weeks so just two and a half weeks until my due date.  Although, since I’m full term, this little man is welcome to make his entrance anytime he wants now.  We can’t wait! I’m delivering at a different hospital this time so we went for a tour of the birthing center this week.  Seeing the teeny tiny babies in the nursery was crazy.  It’s hard to remember when Zain was so little.

I’ve finally made some more progress on Zain’s new room.  I just have a little more painting to do then we can move his furniture in.  I can’t wait to see his face when we show it to him.

Painting complete

Painting complete

Painting in progress

Painting in progress

Zain got all dressed up last week for his Christmas program at his preschool.  The program was the absolute cutest thing I’ve ever seen.  His 2 year old class sang “Santa Claus is coming to town.” Too stinking cute.

Nothing is cuter than a 2 year old in a tie

Nothing is cuter than a 2 year old in a tie

I made Christmas cake pops for his preschool teachers this week.  Plus, we gave them Starbucks gift cards – they’re going to need the sugar and caffeine to keep up with all those 2 year olds.  I neglected to take good pictures of them before packing them up so you can refer back to last year’s cake pops (don’t mind the fact that I clearly put more effort into them then – it’s far easier to spend hours on my feet when I’m not so pregnant) for a better idea :).

Cake pops

Santa hats and reindeer filled with red velvet cake

I’m still slowly chipping away at my Winter 100 Challenge mileage.  I’m up to a whopping 18 miles of walking so far in December.  I have a little confession: on my walk yesterday with Zain, I snuck in some running.  I was blessedly on a street where no one was around to see how absurd I looked running in all my hugeness.  I only ran a tiny amount…mostly because it was cold and I wanted to get home faster.  Although, at the pace I was moving, it probably didn’t make much of a difference! The best part was that I didn’t feel a single twinge of pain in my ankle which I used to feel within a few steps of running a couple months ago.  I’m not going to be consistently running at this point, but I’m feeling a little more hopeful that my ankle will be okay and I’ll be able to return to [fingers crossed] pain-free running after the baby is here.

In case you didn’t see, we have a new sponsor for the Winter 100 ChallengeAltra Zero Drop footwear is donating a pair of running shoes to one lucky winner.  How awesome is that?!

How is everyone else doing with the Winter 100 Challenge?

Happy Running and Happy Holidays!


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