Starting to get the itch…

…the itch to run!

Yes, this is actually a post about running! I spent the second half of my pregnancy frustrated that I couldn’t keep running thanks to the posterior tibial tendonitis that was holding me back.  I eventually came to terms with the fact that I wouldn’t be one of those women who blissfully runs until the day she delivers.  I did sneak in some running during the Turkey Trot 5K and 2 days before I went into labor.  It wasn’t really enjoyable running though.

I can’t wait to get back to real running where I feel good and strong as I tick off the miles (that will happen, right?!).  It’s probably going to be a while before I feel that way since I’ll be starting from scratch when I can finally lace up my running shoes again.

I’ve thrown all my race goals out the window for 2013 and want to just focus on being injury-free for once.  I still plan on running races, but I’m not setting any time or distance goals right now.

For Christmas, my sweet hubby and my parents got me some running gifts.  It’s funny because when I opened them at Christmas, it was like they meant nothing to me.  I couldn’t think about running.  It was the absolute farthest thing from my mind with Ezra being in the NICU.  I couldn’t even get excited about the cool running gadgets and cute running clothes.  I also felt pretty beat up physically from giving birth so I couldn’t even begin to think about being active again at that point.

Magnet, keychain and iPhone case

Pretty outfit from Road Runner Sports

I’m really excited about my super awesome running presents now.  Other cool running gifts not pictured: Badass Mother Runner tank and It’s all good. I ran today. shirt.

Now that I’m feeling better physically, I find that running pops into my head more and more frequently as the days go by.  I plan to wait until my 6 week postpartum check up (just over 2 weeks to go) before I go for that highly anticipated first post-baby run.  I’m expecting to feel a rush of pure joy with my first few steps followed by pain as I discover just how terribly out of shape I am.  I can’t wait! Plus, I’m way behind on my Winter 100 Challenge mileage! I don’t know if I’ll be able to rack up enough miles in February since I want to ease back into running so I don’t risk injury.  Oh well, I’m not eligible for the sweet prizes anyway :) .

Happy running!

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Adjusting to life with my 2 boys

Well, really it’s 3 boys if you count hubby :) .

Last week was my first week on my own with both boys and we all survived.  Lucky for me, Ezra is an easy baby so far (I’m probably jinxing myself by saying that) so as long as he’s fed and has a clean diaper, he is a happy camper.  I’m also very lucky that Zain is so good.  He already loves his little brother and loves to be our little helper in the house.

Learning young - Zain loves to empty the dishwasher

About 90% of the time, everything went smoothly.  The other 10% involved me trying to nurse the baby while running the toddler to the potty.  I’m getting really good at multitasking.  We have those kind of chaotic moments where I’m running around doing 10 different things at once and breaking a sweat.  For the most part though, everything is going great.

Of course, there’s the whole lack of sleep thing going on in our house, but that’s to be expected with a new little baby.  It doesn’t help that Zain and I are both sick.  Those preschool germs are powerful.  Since Zain started school in August, he’s had one cold after another.  He’s only there for 9 hours a week (3 hours, 3 mornings a week), but he must just soak up all the germs.  The snot never ends with that poor kid.

My sweet boy

Swanson Health Products offered me a credit for their website so I could try out some of their products.  I had such a hard time deciding what to get because they have SO much great stuff.  I settled on something for the baby – vitamin D drops, and something for me – protein powder.

Vitamin D drops

It is recommended that babies receive a Vitamin D supplement for the first year.  So many of the supplements available have added ingredients like artificial flavors and dyes that I don’t want to give my baby.  Carlson liquid Vitamin D drops are totally natural and do not contain anything extra that my baby does not need.  Plus, it’s literally just a drop.  With other supplements, you have to give the baby a dropper full of the vitamin concoction and I know from experience that they do NOT like that (we tried other drops with Zain as an infant).

I prefer not to add any artificial ingredients to my baby burrito


The product I picked out for myself from the Swanson Health Products website was PlantFusion protein powder.  I haven’t always been a big protein powder person, but I discovered last year that I recover quicker after my hard runs if I have a protein shake.  So many protein powders on the market are full of artificial ingredients so I prefer ones don’t have an ingredient list a mile long and only contain what I need.  I’m a vegetarian and I don’t eat much dairy (maybe one day I’ll have the discipline to go completely vegan) so I prefer a protein powder that is dairy-free.  It’s also important to me that I do not just replace all dairy with soy products so a powder that is soy-free is a huge plus.

Size comparison

I haven’t tried the protein powder yet because I’m not back to running or working out yet so I’ll save my actual review for another time.  I’m excited to try it though, especially since it’s chocolate :) .

I highly recommend Swanson Health Products for vitamins and supplements.  I’m amazed by how many products they offer and will definitely shop their website again soon!

Disclaimer: Swanson Health Products generously provided me with a credit to use on their website. All opinions expressed are my own.

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