Baby Ezra is here!

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you probably already know this since I’ve been inundating my followers with pictures of my sweet little baby boy.  Ezra decided to surprise us and come a little over 2 weeks early.  He must have heard his big brother talking about Santa bringing him presents and wanted to make sure he made it in time to get in on the action.

On Saturday, December 22nd, I woke up a little before 4am with my first contractions.  When I realized that the contractions were coming semi-regularly, I started to panic because I hadn’t wrapped Zain’s Christmas presents yet.  I had wrapped all the presents for my family and my husband, but I left Zain’s to do one night after he went to bed with my husband.  I quickly wrapped all his presents while timing my contractions.  Good thing he’s not old enough to notice the sloppy job I did.

When my husband woke up and I told him I was having contractions, he immediately sprung into action and was ready to head to the hospital (he did the exact same thing when I went into labor with Zain).  I had to tell him to relax because I didn’t even know if this was the real thing.  I called my mom to put her on standby to come watch Zain if we needed her.  We ended up going out to run some errands, all the while, I kept timing my contractions, waiting for them to be about 5 minutes apart before calling the doctor.

Around 4:30/5pm, I finally called my OB.  She told me to go ahead to the hospital to get checked out.  Once my mom got to our house to watch Zain, we were off.  The nurse checked me at about 6:45pm and gave me some very disappointing news – over 13 hours of contractions and I was only 1-2 centimeters dilated.  I felt really discouraged by that, especially with how painful and regular my contractions were.  The nurse was very adamant that she thought I was just dehydrated and that was the cause of my contractions.  Needless to say, that was really irritating.  She told my husband to get me a cup of water and a cup of juice with the instructions “wet your tongue and swallow, wet your tongue and swallow.” I know how to drink water, thanks lady.  She even got mad that I set the water cup on the table during my contractions and she wanted to know why it wasn’t in my hand.  Thank God, a shift change was coming.  She seemed pretty sure I was going to be sent home, but she told me to walk the halls for an hour and she’d recheck me.

After the hour was up, she rechecked me and guess what…still 1-2 freaking centimeters dilated.  She told me I could walk for another hour and then we’d probably end up being sent home if there was still no change.  She reiterated that this was a classic case of being “under hydrated.”  Meanwhile, I was getting extremely nauseous during my contractions as they got more painful and that stupid nurse had made me drink so much.  The last time she checked me was at about 8pm and my next check would be by a different nurse.  We met my new nurse, Bambi, and immediately liked her better.  She told me to keep walking and she’d check me at 9.  At 8:30, we headed back into our triage room because we thought we’d be sent home soon.

In the doorway of the triage room, my water broke.  I started panicking and told my husband to get some paper towels.  Looking back, it was pretty hilarious that I made him clean up the floor.  He frantically told someone in the hallway walking by that my water had broken and she said she’d get my nurse.  My contractions immediately got more painful after my water broke.  When the nurse came to check me (which was horridly painful), she said I wasn’t going to like what she was going to tell me.  I thought that meant that I wasn’t very far along still.  Nope.  I was 7-8 centimeters and the baby was coming…now.  She calmly told me she was going to go make some phone calls.  At this point, my OB was still not at the hospital.

Luckily, labor and delivery was very quiet and I think I was the only one even there at the time.  That was a good thing because my screams would have terrified anyone else who could hear them.  They had to quickly roll my bed into a delivery room since I was still in triage and all the available nurses rushed in.  The nurses kept telling me not to push, but I couldn’t control that my body was starting to push anyway.  The pain was like nothing I’ve ever felt before (I had an epidural with Zain and ended up with an emergency c-section).  I could not control myself from screaming through the pain.  There was no time for an epidural or any other pain meds.  That didn’t stop me from begging the nurses to at least give me a shot of something…seriously, I was begging…and even though I knew the answer was no, I kept on asking.  I hadn’t been admitted to the hospital yet so while this was all going on, they were asking me a million questions about my medical history to get me checked in.

The nurses continued to tell me not to push because my doctor wasn’t there yet, but they said if they needed to be the ones to deliver the baby, they would.  They called the hospital’s on-call OB just in case.  My doctor walked in just as it was time to start pushing.  Ezra was out with just 10 minutes of pushing.  The moment they put him on my stomach was unforgettable.  Suddenly, all the terrifying pain my body was experiencing was over and my baby was here.  I never had that moment with Zain because of the emergency c-section so it was really amazing to have that experience.  The timeline went like this 8pm – 1-2centimeters dilated, 8:30pm – my water broke, 9:03pm – baby’s here! Things moved FAST and it’s scary to think what would have happened had the first nurse sent me home earlier.  Ezra was 5lbs 12oz and 19.5 inches.

He's here!

He’s here!

Put me back!

Put me back!

While I held Ezra, I kept apologizing to everyone for how loud I was which they thought was really funny.  I thought it was hilarious that my OB and the nurses said that I was a total “rockstar” because I thought I was a total wimp.  My original plan was to try to avoid the drugs to increase my chances of a successful VBAC so in hindsight, I’m glad things happened the way they did, but I don’t want to do that again! I must have told my husband “no more babies!” a thousand times while I was in labor.  If I could have had some drugs, I would have gladly taken them.  I’m so glad the nurses there were so supportive and so was my husband.  I think a big part of the problem for me was also that I was just really scared.  My c-section with Zain was because he was in distress when I started pushing, but my doctor later said she didn’t think he would have fit.  So I had this fear while I was pushing that the baby wasn’t going to be able to get out and it was too late to have a c-section.  I’m so glad things worked out the way they did.

It’s been such a drastic difference to recover from a natural birth. The fact that I was able to walk to my recovery room after having the baby was so cool to me.

Little peanut

Little peanut

The craziness didn’t end there.  I’ll save the details of Ezra’s extended hospital stay for another post since my very short labor and delivery experience turned into a bit of a long story :).


  1. says

    That’s great news! Congrats!!!!!!!

    Don’t worry. You weren’t a wimp! I know how much labor can hurt. I dilated completely without an epidural the first time (not on purpose) and the epidural wore off for the second. I distinctly remember wishing that someone would shoot me in the head to stop the pain. You can’t help screaming. You did great!

    Enjoy baby Ezra and big brother Zain! Congrats!

  2. says

    So great to hear all the details! I’m very happy for you and your family. What fun to have a new baby around.

    I did my first birth sans any meds/epidural and you are right–there really is NOTHING like that pain! (see, I haven’t forgotten it almost 12 years later!).

    Congrats to you and yours!
    misszippy recently posted…Do you associate or dissociate?My Profile

  3. Kathleen says

    Aw congrats! And thanks for sharing!! It’s OK to be scared and I’m happy to hear everything went well. I was terrified during birth that something bad would happen and had a really fast labor too. I’m sure you did awesome, just as the nurses said :) Congrats on Ezra!!

  4. Michelle Lewis says

    Congratulations! Sounds like you did so well for the circumstances. If you do ever change your mind and have another — I highly recommend epidurals. :) My second was VBAC as well and you’re right, the recovery is so much easier. Enjoy your little one and the transition to “big brother” for Zain.

  5. says

    It blows my mind that you can go from 1-2cm to having a baby in an hour!! It also scares me a tiny bit.

    You are such a rock star for not telling that 1st nurse to f*ck off. I don’t say that to people EVER, but I would have said it to her.

    Congrats again on baby Ezra! Glad to hear he made it home safe and sound :)
    Michelle recently posted…Three Things ThursdayMy Profile

  6. says

    Congrats! What an awesome story. Thanks for sharing. I’ve never had a c-section so cant compare but I agree that you are a total rock star with no meds!!!

  7. Ceyda says

    Congratulations! Such an inspiring story. I will definitely tell me the whole story in person again :) Ezra looks extremely adorable. And you did amazing! We are very proud of you and love you guys very much!

  8. Jessica says

    What a wonderful birth story! I found your blog while looking for advice on jogging with a stroller and then wandered over to this post because my baby’s name is Ezra too! I ended up reading your whole birth story because I had to have a c-section with him and am hoping for a successful vbac next time!


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