Can’t find the words

I started to write my race recap for the More Fitness Half Marathon yesterday. Then I read that there was an explosion at the Boston Marathon.

I can’t find the words to write my race recap. I can’t find the words to talk about Boston. My heart feels heavy. This tragedy hits too close to home. I think for all of us runners, it’s so hard not to put ourselves in the shoes of those affected. I can’t stop thinking about the little boy who lost his life. He was there to cheer on his dad. Just the day before the Boston Marathon, my husband and kids were cheering me on in Central Park for my race. I cannot even fathom thinking about how I would feel if something happened to them at my race. It makes my heart hurt.

I’ll find the words to write my recap another day. For now, I’m praying for those in Boston who have been affected by this senseless act and I’m holding my boys extra close.

I wore a race shirt in honor of Boston today



  1. says

    It is all so surreal. My mind has been on it all week, and all I can do is pray for everyone involved. My mind just can’t get around all that has happened!

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