I can run!

Not that I’ve tried just yet, but I am allowed to!

First of all, thank you to everyone for all the comments, tweets and Facebook messages of well wishes in the past few days.  And many thanks to my wonderful parents for helping us out this weekend! All I had to say was I wasn’t feeling well and suddenly, my mom has my fridge stocked with meals for a week :).

I went to the doctor today to follow up on the whole chest pain pleurisy fiasco.  I’ve been gradually feeling better as the days go by.  My pain has drastically decreased and now I just have a slight heavy sort of feeling in my chest when I take a deep breath.  That’s much better than feeling like there was a knife in my chest and back.

The doctor said the good news is that I’m feeling better.  If I was still having the pain, then maybe we would have to worry that something else could be wrong.  I was a little nervous to ask if I would be okay to run my half marathon this weekend because I assumed the answer was going to be no.  Luckily, she said it was absolutely fine to run! She said I need to make sure I listen to my body, but running won’t do any further damage or anything.  I think I can handle that.

I’m going to resume running tomorrow and hope for the best.  I’m only going to run the race on Sunday if I 100% up for it.  The More Fitness Half Marathon course is 2 loops around Central Park so I also figure that if I’m not feeling great, I can always drop out after the first loop.  This race is strictly for fun, not for a PR.

Leave it to me to have such a random health problem set me back.  I’m glad that the whole thing is (almost) behind me.


King of the playground

On an even happier note, it looks like spring is finally here! Although, it feels more like summer than spring since it’s 82 degrees today.  We took advantage of the warm weather and hit the playground for a bit.  It was my first time pushing the boys in the BOB Duallie for a walk.  That thing is a beast! I’m a little intimidated by the thought of running with it.

With Ezra in the car seat, he's in the perfect position for Zain to harass him

With Ezra in the car seat, he’s in the perfect position for Zain to harass him

My view

My view

I’m feeling very lucky that the pleurisy didn’t last long.  When I was obsessively googling “pleurisy and running” a few days ago, I found stories about people who suffered from it for weeks and months.  I’m so lucky mine didn’t last that long.

I’m even luckier to have these two little guys to brighten my day :)

Such a cool guy

Such a cool guy

Baby chunk

Baby chunk with tasty little fingers

Happy running!


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    Really happy to hear you’re feeling better! I ran the More Half last year and it’s a ton of run. Just take it easy, especially on those Harlem Hills.

    I’ll have my fingers crossed for you on Sunday that all goes well!
    Karen recently posted…The Mother Daughter 5K TeamMy Profile


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